Give A Little Love on Valentine's Day With Pandora & John Greed Jewellery!

Friday, 25 January 2013

John Greed Jewellery's Pandora Valentine 2013 Collection is sure to be tugging at a few gal's heart strings (and therefore a few guy's purse strings!) this Valentine's Day! The 'Love Story' collection features everything you need to give a little love and literally wear your heart on your sleeve, and I am particularly loving the themed charm sets which start at £50, and are a really cute way to gift Pandora charms!

John Greed Jewellery were sweet enough to send me a couple of charms from the Valentine range, and they are just adorable. 

The Pandora Silver Turtle Doves Dangle Charm is £35 and my favourite from the collection. A sign of true and complete partnership, they sit on a dangle heart with 'Love' engraved on it. I love what they represent for couples that have been together for a while, or even those that intend to be, and the design is a romantic alternative to a heart. 

The Pandora Silver Love Heart Charm is £30 and has a more youthful and fun feel to the design, featuring 'Love' engraved in 8 different languages, this would be perfect for a carefree spirit and travelling girl like Tara!

Here they are presented together as a set, with a little Val's Day poem that I came up with ;)

I honestly don't think Pandora could come up with anything as effective and suggest they hire me as Chief Seasonal Collection Jingle and Ditty Writer Extraordinaire immediately. Ahem.

Anyhoo, how cute are they? I'm super flattered to be one of John Greed's Pandora Valentine's this year! Have a peek at the Valentine's Day Gifts For Her and Valentine's Day Gifts For Him, all at £30 and under, there really is something for everyone in there and jewellery is always a good time ;)

J - Loveheart Bear.


  1. Sweet x

  2. This is such a cute idea for Valentines, I love pandora bracelets, they're so personal, but gorgeous!


  3. I saw the love birds charm recently too its so cute :)
    I ordered from this site at Xmas for my mum some Pandora clips and would totally reccommend them :D it was so nice of them to send you the charms!


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