Sunday Style - Lovers & Friends Of Tribeca Shoes!

Monday 23 July 2012

The weather has been glorious this weekend, and non stop sun means non stop shorts so I dug a pair of Lovers & Friends leopard lovelies to pair with my new black wedge sneaks from hot new online shoe store Tribeca!

Once again BF and I went for a local 'walk' (I do believe that's what it's called when you put one foot in front of the other for a prolonged period of time), so I took the opportunity to get some sun and shadow soaked pics :)

I've had these shorts for ages but only took the tag off them yesterday (TUT!), they're super silky and verge on nightwear but dressing them down with a plain-ish Wildfox tee worked so I'm sure I'll be wearing them more often now - yey! Once again I'm rocking my trusty hands free Topshop studded bumbag (this thing is becoming the new cat Lita's), and lightly accessorising with the Vivienne Westwood handkerchief T got me a few Christmas's ago wrapped around my wrist for a splash of colour.

And now to introduce my latest pair of wedge high tops, black and velcro strapped this time, from new local to me store Tribeca Shoes - £30. These are more Ash-alike than my nude pair, but without the Ash-alike price, and I love them! Such a little detail, but I love the white sole. I have an issue with black trainer style shoes, I think because we could wear them for school so I now associate all black trainers as yawnsville! The white sole makes them pop a bit more and tricks my brain into accepting them, and I'm so glad it has - how cute are they? ;)

They have both lace up and velcro fastenings, but they also have a side zip which makes it easier to get them on and off. They're so comfortable too, I literally hiked up a hill in them without one complaint!

I could totally get hooked on Tribeca, the styles and prices are top notch plus they have free delivery and 15% off your first order using code TRIBECA007 - go see!

J - Hiking is Vogue.


  1. I love this! The sneaks are awesome, they're actually pretty different from most others which makes a nice change.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I can't believe I haven't gone in for these sooner, how comfortable?!

  2. Wow, I really need some wedge high tops. They look incredible.
    I am so glad to hear that they're comfy too!

    1. Thanks Jessica, I can't believe I waited so long!

  3. Ladies, what kind of shoes do you like most? Some like high heels, some like flats, some like trainers, for me, I like discount wedge sneakers.


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