A Liverpool Lush Spa Synaesthesia Experience!

Sunday 23 December 2012

Last weekend Liverpool was blessed with the opening of the largest Lush Spa in the country, and I went along for a Synaesthesia, the Lush Spa signature full body massage experience! Oh it's a hard life dontcha know . . . ;)

I was completely unfamiliar with what a Lush Spa offers, though you don't have to be a brainiac to know it's going to be freaking awesome, but I checked the webby before my appointment to get an idea of what to expect. Synaesthesia costs £125 for an 80 minute full body treatment which merges all the senses into a fully choreographed massage that will leave you a changed person, with an after effect that lasts for days. You choose a mood word (from a choice of twelve) and they create the experience tailored to your chosen mood, from scent, touch, sound and taste. Kinda exciting right?! Check out the vid . . .

Okay, so before we get to the spa deets, the new store is amazing! SO spacious and welcoming, with beautiful reclaimed wooden shelving and those wonderful Lush displays we know and love. It's a treat even if you aren't booked in for a spa delight!

And speaking of spa delights, my treatment literally started as soon as I walked through the door that takes you from the hustle and bustle of the store to the immediate calm and serenity of the spa upstairs. The spa itself is reminiscent of a warm farmhouse or countryside hotel; full of tactile materials and vintage trinkets, so quiet and peaceful that you actually feel like you have wandered into someone's kitchen whilst they are out picking herbs from the garden! The rooms are all set up ready for the different treatments, and it was really interesting to see how they are tailored with different lighting, layouts and decor hints. I loved the look of the room laid out for The Comforter, a £65 hot chocolate scrub and massage on marshmallow soft beds, surrounded by bubbles and scented with rose oil. It was like walking into a Turkish Delight room in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, totally magical.

Anyhoo, my lovely therapist Helen took a few minutes to chat a little about the Lush Spa and then went on to explain the Synaesthesia treatment to me, directing my attention to a huge board on the wall which was covered in words of different sizes. I was asked to clear my mind and choose the first word that stood out to me. I chose 'HUMOUR' because I had been having a few humourless weeks in work so it stood out to me and made me smile. I was given a chalk board to write my word on, which was fun because chalk is always a good time ;) The citrus based scent and essential oils of the Humour massage bar was to be the basis of my treatment. Helen then showed me over to a shelf full of bottles of different colours, shapes and sizes, all labelled with more words. She asked me to choose a bottle that appealed to me while she prepared my room. I was drawn to one of the smallest green bottles on the shelf because I've always been obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, so when I picked it up and read the label and it said 'CURIOUS' on it, I knew that was my bottle!

The rooms in the Lush Spa are just a dream. Even the toilet/shower room on the floor was like an exquisite boutique hotel room! The dim mood lighting and accompanying candles in my treatment room was immediately relaxing, with daylight peeking though tiny holes in the shutters like twinkling stars, and birdsong from my HUMOUR music cd (tailored to run with the massage technique) playing at a comfortable level.  Helen took my bottle of CURIOUS and dropped it into containers of dry ice, producing fantastical scented beakers of bubbling smoke which I LOVED!

I could tell this was going to be a real mini adventure. Helen told me to take my time preparing in the adjoining en suite area and when I was ready to just pop under the towels on the bed and ring a little bell. I didn't waste much time! The treatment started with a warm towel foot cleanse, followed with a facial massage which was heaven, especially when the cold stones were used, it felt so refreshing! The calming music and scents washed over me, and as the treatment moved onto my arms I was definitely starting to understand why people fall asleep! Helen spent at least 10 minutes on each limb with a cleansing tummy massage too, though time seemed to stand still because the sweeping motions sent me into total relaxation mode! When it was time for me to turn over, I already felt like I could just float onto my tummy! I was really looking forward to the back massage because I hold all my tension in my neck and lower back, and it didn't disappoint. I swear to Patz that I deliriously smiled at the floor with my face in that hole the entire time, it was SO good. When the massage was over, Helen told me to relax for a while and get dressed in my own time, I would also find Lush cosmetics in the dresser if I wanted to freshen up. My first thought on realising it was over was WOW. I expected to feel super relaxed but instead I felt super uplifted and happy! I played with the cosmetics and emerged to a nice cup of Humour tea waiting for me, along with a Lush tin containing my massage bar and a matching bubble bar, so I could continue my experience at home :)

Seriously, they aren't exaggerating when they say it lasts longer than just the treatment time. I was floating around town like a happy camper for the rest of the day, smiling at strangers and generally feeling very cheery! My skin felt amazing for days afterwards too, obviously an after effect of the oils in the massage bar and Helen's magic hands. I also noticed that my facial skin expelled a few toxins in the form of some small spots the following day, but they cleared up as quickly as they appeared and I've glowed for the whole week. I suspect £125 is too expensive for a lot of people, it probably would be for me in 'real life', but as an experience I would say it's worth it if you get the opportunity to do it. I've never really been one for white robe spas or pamper days but the Lush Spa is totally different. It just feels really special because the treatment is designed around how you feel on the day, plus you feel like your therapist and you are the only people in the building because it's a mini sanctuary up there, I totally forgot there was a busy store downstairs and it was a Saturday in Liverpool city centre outside!

Wow, I've written an essay, but it's hard not to gush. I can't fault it, and I loved it to bits. I'd love to book my boyfriend and I in for a Comforter, he loves getting pampered and that rose/chocolate scent is still in my memory bank, mmmmmm! 

Thanks to Lush Spa Liverpool for having me!

J - And relaaaaaaaaaxxxxxx.


  1. The treatment sounds amazing and super relaxing :) I need to save up and visit a Lush spa!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  2. This just sounds amazing! Wish I lived in liverpool to try it, so glad you enjoyed yourself



  3. Sounds like an awesome experience. Lush products are used there? That's fabulous!! :) :)
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    I invite you to enter my International GIVEAWAY here

  4. wow really does sound like a perfect adventure...

    I would love nothing but a nice spa break http://thelittlebigobsession.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. That looks like a seriously amazing time! xo

  6. Looks amazing! <3

    Huge hugs http://www.gittemary.com/

  7. Oh wow, this sounds like an amazing idea - a great way to promote Lush products that's for sure! Hope you had a wonderful christmas!


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