Hoo Hoo Hooooo! New SpiritHood Alert - Night Owl baby!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's always a special occasion when a new SpiritHood hits Rawrton, we usually like to celebrate with a pleasant flick through the 2010 Robert Pattinson annual with a bag of Mint Poppets or Schoko Bons. The arrival of Night Owl meant an invitation for a little VIP to join me for the debut shots - guys, meet Owler; my childhood friend, rock and confidante. I'm welling up just thinking of his little mussed up face. I hope my other childhood friend Stephy is reading this because she'll be like, 'Awww', or maybe 'She's finally lost it, and in public too.' ;)

Anyhoo, I won this pawsome feathery piece of prettiness from Self Service! To enter you had to say what SH animal you are most like, so I went for Night Owl because a) my little buddy Owler is an owl (it would be poor naming skills on my dads part if he was a bunny), and b) he was my night-time cuddle buddy since I was born so I feel a lifelong connection.

Let's break the Night Owl personality down to show exactly how it parallels to my life . . .

The Night Owl represents wisdom, truth and clairvoyance.
 I do indeed think I know a lot about everything, I rarely lie (preferring to fib) and I can read minds.

The Owl is often regarded as a messenger between worlds. 
I am always sending Tara links to beautiful things from the world of the interwebs.

The Owl Spirit is at home in the night and embraces darkness to their advantage. 
I enjoy sinking into a late night cinema seat and have been known to wear my comfy pants whilst doing so because no-one can see them in there.

Owls easily see through the facade to the core of things where truth lives and breathes. 
I know a full on Monet when I see one. Mmhmm girlfriend, you and I both know that isn't your natural eyebrow shape.

People with the Owl Spirit are swift and precise with their thoughts and movements. 
I see something epic in TK Maxx and I sweep in to snatch all sizes up whilst waiting for Tara to return my text about whether she wants said treasure or not.

Owls are highly aware beings awake to protect that which is sacred when most of the world sleeps.
I instinctively know when Pelecat Clancy-Egerton is in my wardrobe pawing at my Wildfox, and snap awake to foil his kitty plans before tragedy occurs.

So there you go, we were meant to be together right? Just like me and Owler. I gotcha buddy x

J - Spirited Away. 


  1. That is gorgeous! I want one!

    Megan xxx

  2. Aww loving the parrallels, so sweet :)


  3. That one is so much more unusual than the normal Spirithoots (tee hee) and it's gorgeous, I always love there little details like the feather on the palm here. Owler is a handsome devil! I still have my childhood bears - White Teddy and Brown Teddy, I was so original with names.


    1. Ikr?! The shawl version is beautiful too!

      Aww so cute, I couldn't bear to part with him now!

  4. This is just the cutest thing ever! You look adorable! I really want some kind of animal furry Cossack style hat or an all in one scarf thingy haha they are amazing



  5. soo jealous you have a spirithood! and you look sooo pretty!

    ordaining serendipity

  6. are you wearing contacts or are your eyes naturally that huge. If its natural i am totally jealous...

    J x


    1. I've never noticed to be honest! I'm not wearing contacts but I do have dark eyes, so I think they just look big because my lashes are lowered and I have black liner on my upper and inner lids?! I shall take this compliment and bank it though ha!

  7. Haha love this post! And Owler too, what a cutie xxx

  8. OH this is so cute, I adore Owler. I always say my spirit animal is an elephant but I suppose I should look that one up though. My childhood pal is Copper though, a chestnut pony. He still sleeps in my bed and I insist that Chris keeps him company when I go to work earlier. Poor Copper probs just gets chucked on the floor.

  9. You look aces in this J! So cute and bless your little owl! xx


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