J's Sofa Sale Shizz!

Thursday 30 December 2010

Now, I am a lazy girl at heart, and if I can do something without moving, then I will. So I didn't, and I shopped the sales online this year, here is my swag!

I was lucky enough to get in early and grab this Bear Hat from Very, at a very reasonable £5! It says 'Bear' but I think it looks more like a tiger, and as I haven't seen a tiger version on the high street it was begging to come to me!

I was also very lucky to get a super early VIP slot for the NEXT sale, where I picked up a few things I wanted at full price - the boots were £30 reduced from £70, and the amazing jewellery capelet was £10 reduced from £20 - hurrah!

These boots, I actually blogged about in July, but at £70, I just couldn't bring myself to do it, but at £30? HELLZ YEAH!

This hot piece of armour I figured would really dress up my fave Wildfox tees for those parties where a full on party look is too much, but you feel you need more than just skinnies and a tee - and I was right, it looks hot! Even if it does inspire a whole new posture just to keep it on straight!

Finally, I picked up these cool white feather earrings from Toppers, reduced to £7 from £14, for my NYE 20's theme ball. They are HUGE, and so luxe!

So did anyone else get any cool bargains? I know T did!

J - no 5am starts for me ;)


  1. Tigresses and lionesses I spotted a SNOW LEOPARD coat in the Karen Millen sale and thought of you. It is to die for! I didn't buy as I'm not quite sure I can pull off KM's lady like stuff but it's lush, you should check it out!

    In-case I don't get time tomo..hope you both have a lovely NYE and it's been great to bleet you this year!

    Love ME!

  2. Aww thanks Lara, you have definitely been one of our highlights of 2010 :D x x x x

    And thanks for always looking out for the animal prints for us, you are such a sweetie!

    Happp-pppyyyy new years!!!



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