TBug's Xmas Shizz!

Thursday 30 December 2010

I for one turned a little emerald when I read J's Christmas Haul post. ER, amazing swag!? It's now my turn to share my fav pressies! I hasten to add that I'm UBER grateful for all of my gifts 0:)

From the gorgeous J pops (my big sister/twin):

'Love Potion No 9' Crew Neck T-Shirt

WILDFOX! Boy does J know me. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this tee :D It's my 9th Wildfox tee as well! Freaky ;)


The Christmas Glee album!!! YES I'm a Gleek & I'm PROUD of it.

From @Browniekins- my homie & compadre. She's my person:
Nail varnish, Kinder santas AND...
Jessica Kagan Cushman- Party Like A Rockstar Bangle in Black. (Via Spoiled Brat!)

I screamed and stared at this present for a few minutes. OMG. I know, I'm so spoilt it hurts. OH BROWNIEKINS.

From the rents:

Money, some F21 goodies, half of Accessorize AND...

Vivienne Westwood Crystal Teddy Necklace (Via Harvey Nichols). I've wanted this for years. I love my rents!


Blank NYC cargos

To help feed my cargo OBSESSION.

From Beckz (my partner in crime who lives on the same page as me):

Next Diamonds Perfume, awesome cheesy Xmas socks, enough nail varnish/make up to start my own beauty business & a nail varnish remover machine. I kid you not. AMAZING!

From Big Bro:

MOAR Wildfox!? Burning Bright T-Shirt (Via Doll Boutique)

From Little Bro:

An incredible armour ring from Topshop! Serious ring candy.

From Jammiekins aka Erica from the *Burrrrrrrrgh*:

MAC, 6 Beauties Play it Cool Palette.

Every year Erica buys me the most delicious-est make-up. I can't wait to use this!

From Lizzie 'G':

This ridiculously gothic necklace. Neck armour! The charms are actually silver, I was being fancy using a retro camera app ;)

That's enough show & tell for one day! I ask you to SHARE your hauls with us! We wannnna seeeee!!!

T is Spoilt & CURIOUS. XoX

All images credited to their sources.


  1. T, jeez, you got some cracking stuff laaaaaaaa!!


    J x x

  2. Love Wildfox! In reply to your comment, I haven't recieved the Sourz yet but I've been told its on its way to me! It was posted before Christmas though so I hope it hasnt got into the wrong hands of Mr Drunk Postman! xx


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