But You're So Wild-foxy! I Can't Let You Get Away From Me...

Monday 27 December 2010

There's no denying it, we're addicted to Wildfox & we're ALWAYS after another fix! There are some FANTASTIC sales around at the moment & we've scoured the interwebs to find you the most BARGAIN-ESS-est Wildfox tees.

You lucky things, you.

Baggy Skeleton Print Short Sleeve T-Shirt
Was £67 now £32.95- Yogo ego
Spooooooooooky...Baggy, super cool & 50% off!

Shot Clean White T-Shirt
Was £65 Now £49- Coggles.
*BANG BANG* We're beautiful & dirty rich. My second favouritist tee right now! LOVE.

Black Sparkle Cheetah Tee
Was £65, Now £39- Spoiled Brat, also available in Gold!
As seen on Chezza, this Cheetah tee is just TOO adorable. Such a bargain too!

White Lightning Oversized Tee
Was £65, Now £45.50- Wildfox.
Oh so Gaga in her Just Dance video, this tee is lightning cool.

Love Is Everything T-Shirt
Was £60, Now £30- Harvey Nichols.
Full price on most other websites, this statement tee is spreading the WF. Love is everything after all!

Love Poison T-Shirt
Was £60, Now £30- Matches Fashion.
WF poison candy. Love can be dangerous...

T wants MOAR WF & is rather spoilt for choice! What tee is your FAV!?

P.S It's my birthday in 9 days ;) #imjustsayin

All images credited to their sources.

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