I'm Just Putting It Out There, I Want To Be In These...

Monday 6 December 2010

So I'm putting together my new Revolve Clothing Boutique - Girlyougotstyle, and as much fun as it is, me and my credit card, we got issues. I want everything. Everything that's in my favourites, I want, so in the spirit of all good therapy, I'm going to share...

Hellz Bellz Ebony and Ivory Tee, $39. Minnie is ebony and Hello Kitty is ivory. Awww.

Sauce Pinkie Spike Hoodie, $105. Instant LOVE. Yes they ARE spikes on the hood. Effin' ridiculooouuuus.

Another bit of Sauce, the Cocktail Blazer, $167. Oh the studs!

Joyrich Tiger Heart Crew, $66. This just screams 'BUY ME!' to me, sob!

Literature Noir Boyfriend L/S tee, $88. Indeed, the motto of an angel.

And this is just a tiny portion of my wishlist!
So there, and breeeeeeeaaaaathe. Have the cravings gone? Errr, no.

These boutiques are addictive, go make your own and check out T's 'Little Rawrer' boutique too while you're there. I know the girls from The Bas Couture would LOVE this little corner of Revolve!

Images as linked.

J - I need help.


  1. love love love the minie and hello kitty t shirt!! x

  2. I know right?! I instantly fell in love!

    J x

  3. Love the SPIKES! I think these were all made for you J!


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