Review - Clynol Powder Punch - WOW!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

So, I recently marched into Toni & Guy, photo of Frankie Sandford on my iPod Touch in hand, and instructed my stylist god, John, to hit me up. Before I knew it, my waist length mane was whipped into shape and I LOVED it! I got home and started showing off my new do, when a friend (who herself has the most amazing short cut) said I needed to get myself a little pot of Clynol Powder Punch, and Google directed me to where it currently retails at an extremely reasonable £8.25 for a 50 ml pot.

The powder itself is so lightweight it feels like a little pot of nothingness but don't be fooled, the content is a hair miracle! Prior to blowdrying, I applied just my usual volume spray, thinking it best to test Powder Punch out by itself as much as possible, and dried as usual with a round brush. This is what I get, I do have naturally thick hair so it may already look quite full, but this was taken shortly after blowdrying, and it's weight also means that nothing keeps it up once that initial blowdry wonder wears off!

I then tapped out a teeny bit of Powder Punch into my palm, gently pressed my palms together (you WILL lose it all to a mini atom bomb if you go in with a clap or a rub!) and simply worked my hands into my hair. You can immediately feel your hair thicken but it doesn't harden, instead you can work and play with your hair until you are happy. Powder Punch produces an invisible matte texture so your hair just looks like it has this awesome volume and shape, but without all the gunky product issues you can often get achieving a style like this. PP is also happy to help you flatten as it is to help you foof. The right side, and the back, of my hair needs to be flat in order to make the funky left side pop, and I found that the product was just as effective on my business side as it was on my party side, helping me to smooth and flatten but without the greasy look that my usual products can bring to that area!

When I'd finished creating my look, a light spritz of hairspray sealed the deal and I was ready to go. It literally took less than 5 minutes, and I don't even think I needed the hairspray but I was so impressed with the look I didn't want to risk it!

I needn't have worried though, my style lasted all day, and I loved the fact that I could still rework volume into my roots through the day with a casual scrunch without reapplying, although the pot is tiny enough to carry in the smallest of bags on a night out ;) As the cherry on top, Clynol Powder Punch washes out easily with one shampoo, which is impressive for a product with such staying power. Overall, I am super impressed with my little pot of fun, it's definitely going to be a styling shelf staple from now on. I would even go as far as to say that it quite casually makes my volume spray, salt spray and wax completely redundant!

I still insist on using my hairspray to finish with, only now I have more confidence in it because I know my little hair hero is underneath! Take 3 products onto your dressing table? Not me, I just Powder Punch... and GO!

J - A converted Clynol fan.


  1. Wow! You look amazing!! If I ever get brave enough to go shorter again, I'll have to remember Clynol Fab review!

  2. Aww thank you!
    It really is a lifesaver though, I'm SO surprised how easy it is to create a style using this, if you don't remember it, I shall bump you!

    J x x


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