Make Like One Direction and Vanessa Hudgens in a OnePiece Norway Onesie - 20% Discount Over Hurrrr!

Friday 22 November 2013

Guys, this is a pretty exciting one for us, we've joined the OnePiece Piecekeeper team! OnePiece is THE onesie brand. The original and best, loved by everyone that gets their paws on one, including a ton of celebs! 

As Piecekeeper's we've been given a special 20% off OnePiece code to share! Enter 31THESTYLERAWR at checkout (valid until 1st December 2013) to save a packet!

They make perfect gifts for men, women, kids and dogs (yes I said dogs!) and with Christmas looming it's the perf time to grab one at a discount. I got my man the traditional Lusekofte Onesie Navy and it feels like he hasn't been out of it since it arrived. Sometimes I'm even in there with him, it's THAT cosy ;) The good news on that front is that OnePiece jumpsuits are totally unisex, so if you're a guy that's into pink, or a gal that's into heavyweight camo, you can always get what you want ;)

Even 1D have their own Hands by One Direction OnePiece range featuring their actual handprints! 

Rawrgirl fave Vanessa Hudgens and her sis Stella teamed their black OnePiece jumpsuits with Spirithoods for Halloween. This could almost be us. Could this girl get any cuter?!

Annnnnnd, total honey Ed Westwick has been seen in quite a few different styles. SWOON.

Yes okay, that last one was a blatent excuse to get Ed's fine ass back on the blog. Boy sure does know how to relax on set. RAWR.

Anyhoo, our point is if you're in the market for a high end onesie, or know someone who is, this week is an ideal time to get ordering using our code and bag 20% off! Prices start at £59 and get way up there into the £200+ mark, but they're totally worth it if you have the moola to throw at one. These are a few of our fave styles (including everyone's favourite style, Harry Styles) . . .

Get a move on though, this code only lasts for a week and expires on 1st December 2013. It's always nice to find a discount for an expensive item, so we really hope this helps to make someone's Christmas shopping a little easier this year! Get yourselves on over to OnePiece now for a nose!

J & T - Piece on Earth.


  1. This blog definitely makes me smile as you can't go wrong with a bit of 1D or Ed Westwick!! <3
    I definitely love a cosy onesie, but haven't quite made it to the onepiece stage yet - it's like the Chanel of the onesie world ;) might have to go for it now though!!
    Keep in touch :)
    Andrea xxx

  2. Cool photos! I like easy-going style!!

  3. I love how Ed Westwick is just marching down the street in his onesie! xxx

  4. Ed Westwick <3 Even in a onesie I would marry him!
    These are really cool! I have my eye on a picachu one that I spotted in topshop ages ago, i hope they still have it! x


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