Rawr Girls Review: Gwynedds Loungewear!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

If there's one thing celebrity watching has taught me over the years, it's that loungewear isn't just for indoors, it's for life. I was recently sent a piece of luxury loungewear from Gwynedds, an awesome (and relatively new) brand which is stocked at Zalando and Minnie's Boutique.

Gwynedds Loungewear Review
Gwynedds Fundi Leaf Print CardiganCardigan: c/o Gwynedds - Boots: c/o Steve Madden - Rings: My Flash Trash & ASOS

This beautiful Fundi leaf print cardigan is from their AW13 range and is just too darn amazing to be worn solely on the sofa. It's extremely soft because all of their loungewear is pre-washed. Each print and embroidery is individually handmade so no two pieces are the same, making every garment extra special. It comes with a massive oversized hood which is perfect for snuggling up in and hiding from the cold. When I have it on, I feel like an Autumnal samurai warrior! Gwynedds has a great range available at Zalando, I've actually been eyeing up their basic tees and sweatpants...I think one of their sets will be going on my Christmas list!

Anna Lou of London Gold Social Dog Tags

I paired my cardigan with my trusty Steve Madden Albany boots, some tights and this personalised gold social tag from Anna Lou of London. I feel so comfortable in this outfit! My cardi is a size medium (sample size) so as you can tell it's oversized but I quite like how roomy it is.

Have you heard of Gwynedds before? Are you a fan of loungewear?

T - Fighting the cold weather with fashion! POW POW. XoX


  1. The wrap cardigan is stunning and so lovely with the feathers. Xx


  2. ohhh <3 love your blog ;)

  3. That cardi looks so comfortable and warm! Is it a fleecy fabric? I really love it in the blue colour as well.

  4. Amazing! great blog


  5. This cardigan is lovely. it looks so comfy and cosy :) xx

  6. Your coat looks really cool !


  7. So adorably cute! I love the cardigan, it looks so snuggly and soft. Aaw, Tara <3 xxx

  8. This sounds really nice and would make a special gift purely because it's hand made :) I have never heard of this brand before so will check them out it looks so pretty especially the print x

    GLAMGLOW + Macadamia Oil Giveaway

  9. That looks heavenly! I love lounge wear! I think they are great especially when they can last a while :)

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  10. This looks too snuggly for words! I want to reach out and grab the material! Such a pretty design, too.

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  11. It looks so snug! I love the exaggerated collar & the wrap over, if it was plain black I'd be getting myself one immediately, very samurai-esque!

  12. Oooh I love loungewear, my snuggy is my best friend during these cold winter months!
    The one you have is beautiful it looks like you could wear it out!

  13. Such a sweet autumn look, it looks so cosy!! And love the soft colours! ><

  14. Love this cosy look! You always look fab Tara!

    Kylie - lazy2lovely.blogspot.co.uk

  15. You look so nice and comfy <3 Love it hun! <3

  16. OMG I thought this was a dressing gown at first! It looks soooo soft, and cute! You look adorable, and I love your necklace xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  17. may i just say, you're looking super-foxy lately. when're you next in london? we have to catch up!



  18. Aw it looks so snug - so fabulous on you! xx
    The Belle Narrative

  19. I've never heard of these folks before but that looks super cosy :) Love the personalised necklace, too x


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