Review - Soap & Glory Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray!

Sunday 23 May 2010

Now despite being dark haired, I am a naturally pale skinned girl due to my lovely ginger daddy, and I have also struggled with an allergy to self tanning ingredients since I can remember. I've tried all brands since I was 14 but have always come out of it tingling and itching to distraction. Traditional instant rub on tans have never been a hit with me either, I just find them usually very false looking in colour if you are at your palest, and even worse, glittery. I mean seriously, other than Edward Cullen, who produces natural glitter from their skin when exposed to the sun?!

Anyway, I'm a massive fan of all Soap & Glory products, aside from being amazing value for money and smelling gorgeous, I've personally never found another brand that makes my skin feel so pretty, so I was super excited to hear they have now produced a rub resistant sun powder spray tan - Glow Getter (RRP £10 for a 100ml can).

The packaging is immediately recognisable as S&G, and I was surprised to hear a rattle when I instinctively shook the can! I was about to be very naughty and graffiti a wall....oh no hang on, I'm just here to bronze my leg, tut Jade.

So here's the spray down of how both a leg and arm application went.

I applied to my leg first. It says to spray approx. 25cm from the skin so I was expecting a wide blast, but it's surprisingly accurate at where it hits. The colour is quite dark when it hits your skin (compared to my pale blue tones!) but the good news is that it does not run so you don't have to spray and throw the can down to catch anything on it's way down to stain your flooring/carpet/towel etc! The smell is the usual sweet S&G fragrance (yum) and the consistency on the skin is an interesting liquid to powder, which makes it VERY easy to then rub in and blend into your skin. It blends really well, even into the usual trouble spots like your knees and ankles, and importantly it keeps allowing you to blend for a good time after it lands on your skin, so you don't have do the whole area in one spray in order to get an even coverage. I did my leg in 2 halves with long sprays (back and front) but I will be trying smaller areas next time as it's definitely capable of it. The colour is very natural, the best I've seen in a long time. A real matte golden glow colour, no orange or glitter in sight!!

Here are the before and after pics....

My totally natural pale blue leg, eeeeek, put it away!

Lovely, naturally sunkissed looking leg worthy of a pair of leo Rebecca Minkoff shorts! Hurrah for Soap & Glory!

Now addicted, I decided to really test Glow Getter on my hairy forearms. Would it still look natural or would the powder consistancy clump up and cling onto the hairs? See for yourself, impressive....

Pale arm, just begging to be exposed to the sun! Check out the gorilla hairs...

Naturally tanned looking arm, with powder free hairs still able to blow in the wind! Amazing.

So, we've seen how well Glow Getter goes ON to your skin, but how easy is it to remove? Well it simply washed off my leg with water and a normal shower gel, no problems, and I even tried a baby wipe on my arm and that removed it too so easy enough to remove in a hurry, for example if you got caught in a heavy shower and had concerns about it spotting or running, good to know. It does claim to be rub resistant but I still think it has potential to rub off on clothing and furniture, but then don't all of these spray on tans? Rub Resistant doesn't mean Rub Proof so you should always be careful.

Overall, I honestly think Glow Getter it has changed my opinion on instant tans which are products I have honestly never liked. Will this product stop me from using sunbeds when I have a special occasion to attend? Well I have a family wedding to go to in 2 weeks time and I'm intending to perfect my Glow Getter application over the next fortnight so I can show it off and recommend it to my pale blue skinned, ginger haired relatives. Being a Liverpool family, it's de rigueur to have an all year round glow, so I feel their milk bottle pain and hopefully I can ease it!

Soap & Glory Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray - no orange, no glitter, just sunshine in a can!

Check out Glow Getter and the rest of the Soap & Glory range at Boots, the mothership Harvey Nichols, or ASOS :)

JC - a real go getting Glow Getter ;)


  1. I may give this a go.

    Loved this review x x


  2. I really feel like I want to pimp this out to the world, I don't think I've ever NOT felt disappointment from a tanning product before!

  3. Yes, and it makes me itch. I'm completely allergic to the self tannning ingredients, sucks.


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