Outspoken - It's Fergalicious (that had to be done right? I can't be the first?)!

Thursday 20 May 2010

Today I was lucky enough to receive a sample of the new fragrance collab between Avon and gorgeous Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie - Outspoken, tagline 'Say It Like You Mean It.' I wasn't expecting a sample at all but the moment I saw the AVON branded envelope I kinda knew what it was, the package just had that Dutchess feeling to it!

So, down to bizness, we've all wondered it....what would Fergie smell like if you went in for a fan girl hug and secretly sniffed her hair? What? I'm the only one who has thought about that?!... ;) Anyway, this is the official spec on the Outspoken breakdown:

Bold Top Notes - Iced Berry, Star Fruit, Wild Saffron
Intoxicating Heart Notes - Tuberose Absolute, Midnight Jasmine, Passion Flower
Fearless Background Notes - Racy Black Leather, Raw Ebony Wood, Smokey Vetiver

Yeah, I was kind of excited to smell the racy black leather part too! So I popped open the vial. For me, the berry notes hit you immediately, then drop to a sensual passion flower. It's described by Avon as a bold intoxicating scent, and I think they could have something there.

My nose instantly likened it to the classic Versace Red Jeans, probably because that also has bold berry notes, which isn't a bad thing, but it didn't feel immediately fearless or groundbreaking for that reason, which is a shame because I was hoping for crazy things from the Dutchess herself, but it is her first fragrance so I'll let her off with staying just a little safe this time.

Anyway, you should never judge a fragrance on what hits you straight from the bottle so intrigued, I dropped a little on my wrist pulse point and let it settle. This is when you get the 'Intoxicating Heart' rush. It's instantly warming and dare I say it, sexy (cringe). My first thought was literally 'Mmmm, it's a night time fragrance', which in my vocab means I'd basically wear it with a little lace and a smile on my face. The 'Fearless Background' notes aren't noticeable but I imagine they are there in some way to provoke an image, which I guess worked because when I asked my boyfriend to describe the unidentified smell on my wrist without using the usual adjectives he simply said 'Naked', with a straight face! That has to be a result right?

Avon say the bottle was inspired by a beautiful crystal decanter that Fergie saw on the day of her wedding to movie star Josh Duhamel!

From the photograph you can see that it has a diamond shaped top and a curvy shaped bottle. Personally, I was surprised by the simplicity of the design, I expected something more G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, but Fergie obviously had her sentimental reasons for the design so fair play to her for going her own way.

Outspoken has been created to reflect Fergie's combination of edgy, sexy rock chick who oozes confidence yet with mysterious femininity. I liked it straight away, but then I love Fergie, she rawrs. Celebrity fragrances will always have an immediate fan base regardless of the scent, the real test is if you could gift it to someone who isn't a fan and have them still love it. For this reason, Avon is the perfect representative for Outspoken. Fans like me will actively seek it out, but it will also be purchased by Avon fans who rub their wrists over those famously scented pages and simply love what rubs off!

Outspoken launches on 3rd June 2010 at £14 and can be purchased online here or from your local friendly neighbourhood Avon rep! Overall, I think Fergie and Avon had done a great job on her first scent, and I hope there are a few more coming our way in the future.

All images credited to AVON with thanks.

JC - my body stay vicious! x


  1. I saw the advert for this perfume last night and it looked great. I think the advert portrays a softer side to Fergie, I love the look of the bottle and I think I may have to try this asap x x

  2. Hey BF! You should try it, I definitely want a whole bottle, I like it a lot, and so does OH! x


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