#OOTD Iron Fist Faded Kitty Sweater at Blue Banana!

Friday 28 February 2014

I've always been a bit of a sucker for a look around an 'alternative' shop, as a teen I was obsessed with the slogan tees and edgy accessories in shops like Liverpool's legendary Quiggins. You can find some absolute gems in them and it was in these types of shops that I was first introduced to awesome brands like Iron Fist and Lucky 13, so I still head to them when I'm the mood for something different. Blue Banana is one of those stores, and it's where I got my new fave jumper from - the Iron Fist Faded Kitty Sweater (£36.54) :)

Outfit: Sweater - Iron Fist c/o Blue Banana, Skirt - H&M, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Bag - H&M, Tights - TK Maxx, Necklace - H&M.

It's oversized and easy going with a fun split shoulder. Not quite long enough to be a dress on me, but I'm sure some of you more petite girls could easily get away with it. I'm having to pop a little skirt or shorts underneath though, so as not to alarm anyone of a sensitive nature. This is the size Large and I'm a UK12, in case you're wondering.

The motif is a bit spesh isn't it? A skull made up of cute kitteh faces! I'm literally obsessed with anything to do with cats in fashion, so I just had to have this! Tara got me the necklace for my birthday, she always gets it spot on!

Cute bag alert! This tiny kitten is from the H&M Kids dept and if you ask me, they're totally missing a trick here by not running these in full size. Isn't it gorgeous? Shame I can't get anything more than my bank card and a £2 coin in it though! Oh, and the cat Lita's are back. These things just don't quit.

Do you ever hit up the alternative shops to get Emo with your bad self? Blue Banana have tons of amazing stuff for everyone, so don't be scared of having a nose just because the only heavy metal you're into is the buckles on your cut out boots and your new chunky chain from ASOS! Think awesome tees, exciting prints and kawaii accessories - do it!

J - Cool cat. 


  1. Ahh I love this so much! So many cats, ahh it's amazing! Forever in awe of those shoes xxx


  2. I bet this outfit is gonna get a lot of love from bloggers with all the cats! Love your necklace xxx

  3. Such an interesting print and I like the whole kitty theme of the entire look. x


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