Getting Social With Disney Couture UK!

Monday 30 June 2014

We do love it when a brand knows how to work the social media angle and one particular brand has really caught our eye over the last few weeks, the very chatty and super friendly team behind Disney Couture UK! Now Disney Couture is by no means a new brand, in fact, it's been around for 10 years and Tara and I have always had quite a penchant for their adorable and often quirky Disney movie and character inspired jewelz (and clothes at one point!), but their UK based Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages have gone stella recently and the brand seems to be enjoying the love of some new fans, as well as re-catching the eye of some of us old boys. The fun chat and movie references have totally rekindled our love for the label, so we went a hunting for our fave pieces from stockists right now. To the wishlist! . . . 

Disney Couture Little Mermaid Sterling Silver Ariel Cameo Necklace - £49 at Zentosa. There was never enough The Little Mermaid DC for our liking, so this is a very welcome addition to the line!

Mawi for Disney Couture Minnie Mouse Heart Ring - £15 at Accessories Online. The Mawi line was awesome and we regret not filling our dwarf boots when it was all over AO and ASOS last year but hi ho, you live and learn. Regardless, this is a magical price.

Tom Binns for Disney Couture Mad Hatter Silver Necklace - £33 at Nettie Frolic. I have the earrings to match so I need this! The Alice movie rocked my world and literally everything Tom Binns did for the DC line was beautiful. Curiouser and curioser . . .

Gold Plated and Black Enamel Mufasa Lion King Necklace - £69.99 at Truffle Shuffle. We love the way DC changes up the designs, it would be so easy for them to just impose the traditional Disney animations onto everything but this Lion King necklace proves that it's not always about the cutesy big eyed animals.

Tom Binns for Disney Couture Cheshire Cat Stud Earrings - £23 at Aquaruby. Again, squeeeeee! I totally forgot these existed until I was browsing this stockist, and now I need them. 

Disney Couture Snow White Whistle While You Work Platinum Plated Bangle - £39 at Little Bo's Boutique. Sooooo pretty and girly, fit for any princess.

Do you own any Disney Couture? What's your fave movie and what would you like to see in the jewellery line? 

J - We're all maaaaaad here, mad for DC!


  1. The Lion King necklace is gorgeous, and very different too! xxx

  2. I dont own any DC but iv always loved the bangles they do with the cute little quotes on them !

    Distant Dreamer

  3. cool jewlery! :)


  4. I have noticed you both wearing Disney Couture in your style posts and just love how cute each piece is and unique :) I might have to get myself some pieces xx

  5. Oh, this is really interesting!! Love the design, my fav is the Minnie ring!! xx

  6. Ahh their pieces are so cute! The cheshire cat earrings are amazing! <3

    Jennie xo |

  7. We can't wait to get restocked with Disney Couture jewellery - SO EXCITED. Thanks for featuring our Mawi ring - that's a real bargain just waiting to be snapped up :) Vicky x

  8. Thanks for featuring us. We can't wait for the new DC collections coming in the next few months!


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