31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 31 - The Thing You're Obsessed With At The Moment . . .

Thursday 31 May 2012

. . . My PYLONES Cat Clothes Brush!!

I seriously adore this thing, it makes me smile that I have a cat shaped clothes brush to combat the cat shaped hairs all over my clothes! It was £15 which i guess is a lot for what it is, but it saves me time and works better than a lint roller, which you still have to buy refills for too, so pounds per use this is better value in my opinion ;) Plus it's shaped like a cat which is always a bonus.

At Pylones they make two promises:
1. Anyone who visits their store will feel they have been entertained and inspired to challenge the establishment a little - CHECK.
2. Anyone who buys from their avant-garde, transformational collection, sourced from around the world, will be asked ‘Wow, where did you find that?’ - CHECK!

If you have a store nearby you need to visit, it's amazing!

J - Possession obsession.


  1. That's so sweet, do they have a dog one?

    1. I didn't see a dog one but the shop is packed with goodies and they defo had a ton of dog shaped stuff so maybe I missed it! J x


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