31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 30 - Pretty Hair . . .

Wednesday 30 May 2012

I've decided to show you 2 old pics at the points I thought my hair looked it's best over the last few years. It looks nice now, don't get me wrong, but it's growing out so to me it's neither here or there hair at the mo. Please excuse the phone pics (you can even see my really old phone in the last pic!). . .

This was taken just over 2 years ago, before I got it chopped off. You can't tell, but it was waist length at the back. I used to curl it and make it as big as I could! I miss this hair, I don't want to grow it as long as this, but I certainly want to be able to boof it up again!

And this is the first pic I took when I got home after having it all chopped off, about 18 months ago. I LOVED this style (I asked for Frankie from The Saturdays and that's pretty much what I got!) but after the second maintenance cut I missed having long hair and decided to grow it out. I'm still trying and it's now touching my shoulders. I'm glad I did it though, and I would do it again :)

So yeah, that's my hurrrrrr!

J - The long and the short of it.


  1. You are a luck girl
    look amazing in both! haha
    Have a good day beautiful

  2. Hmm, I really like both hair styles but maybe your current one is the best imo. Maybe it's because I got too used to it? Haha

    1. Haha, maybe, I just know that whatever I do with my hair, I wish it was some other way! TUT!

    2. Haha, maybe, I just know that whatever I do with my hair, I wish it was some other way! TUT!

  3. Ah you look amazing in both pictures!!


  4. Love the first pic your hair is big and bootyful in it :3


    1. Yey! I love big hair, it feels so Cindy Crawford glam!

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  6. Your hair looks lovely! Thanks for the nice comments of my blog too! xo


  7. Your hair looks LAVLY in both pics my dear! You can pull off long and short you lucky mrs. :)

    Happy Sunday x


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