Rawrgirls Review . . . Rosso Solini Designer Soles!

Monday 28 May 2012

I was recently sent some Rosso Solini Designer Soles to try out, and once I tried them, you could say I got a tad excited about the results!

A little bit of background first. Invented by young Irish entrepeneur Tara Haughton at just 16 (!), the idea was born when wedding confetti stuck to the sole of her shoe, the brand has grown from one colour to over twenty designs and colours that are exported to twenty countries, with Tara winning the coveted Enterprise Award 2011 - impressive yes?!

Tara was kind enough to send me several sets to try out; red, pink and a few sets of super cute polka dots and fierce leopard print, so I set to work!

I took a pair of purple leopard heels from Very.co.uk and chose the pink 'Anna' Single Sole Kit (€8.99) for my first go. The kit includes 1 pair of peel off sticky back soles, 1 cleaning wipe and a trimming knife (which I thought was really thoughtful because who has something like that normally?!), plus full instructions. It was surprisingly easy! Basically, you do the sole part first, then use the offcut to do the heel, so obvi you have to weigh up the offcut piece carefully before making the cut but once you've figured out how much to leave then it's game on! My BF pointed out that I should've done 'BEFORE' pics but hey, we all know what the soles of our heels normally look like, and these ones were particularly ugly trust me, but now look how pretty they are!

My second go had to be the GI Jane leopard print (€5.99), a soles only pack, so I grabbed my old faithful Aldo black patent heels, which have seen a lot of wear over the years. I was worried about matching the pattern but really, it's so busy that you can kind of join it anywhere and it blends! How gorgeous do they look now?

I experienced a few small air bubbles, it's impossible to avoid them, but with a little coaxing you can make them so small they become invisible, and I love the high gloss finish on the soles, expecially on the plain colours, they look so glamourous and yummy!

Rosso Solini soles are SO easy to use, I was a bit nervous about wielding a knife near my babies but seriously, this is childs play! I can't fault this product, I can only imagine it gets easier the more you do, and what a great way to give shoes a revamp! Tara tells me that she has plans for new birthstone colours, and also letters to give your soles that extra bit of individuality with initials, names or words - amaze!

Big thanks to Tara Haughton for introducing us to her Rosso Solini Designer Soles, it's going to be difficult to wear plain soles after this!

J - Sole sister.


  1. I am well impressed with these, like most women I love high heeled shoes, can't wait to get a few pairs revamped xxx

  2. Those purple and pink ones!!! LOVE! I am currently obsessed with animal print!

    1. I'm always obsessed with animal print ha! ;)

  3. So cute, love the subtle under-side texture!


    1. I thought that, they look really cool and shop bought!

  4. Ohhh this is clever and a great way to jazz a pair of old shoes up!!


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