Monday, 27 July 2015

Marks and Spencer Men's Blue Slim Suit

We absolutely love featuring our men on the blog and recently Sam was asked to take part in a new men's suit styling challenge with Marks and Spencer. M&S have such a fantastic range of suits - all the men in my life have suits from them, including Sam!

Sam has quite a casual style but he loves wearing suits and getting dressed up for special occasions. He always prefers a slim fit suit because the cut is much more flattering for his slender frame. It's also more modern.

M&S Blue Slim Fit Suit
UK Menswear Blogger
Stylish Mens Suits
Mens Fashion Blog
Blue Slim Suit c/o Marks and Spencer

There aren't many menswear fashion bloggers out there which is a shame because guys are always looking for style tips. M&S asked Sam to share his style advice for wearing a blue slim fit suit and his tip is to embrace monochrome. Wearing different shades of the same colour creates a refined, stylish look. Start with lighter layers and move onto darker colours.

As this suit is quite casual, he decided not to wear a tie with it but he did mention if I had opted for a tie, it would've been a slim one. If you wear a slim suit, you need a slim tie!

We had so much fun taking these photos and ended up crossing paths with a few wedding guests who commented on how 'posh' we both looked. Ahahaha! I'll be featuring my fancy outfit on the blog soon. Sam will also be on the blog 2 more times this week - expect lots of couple style posts!

Does the man in your life like to wear suits? Have you looked at the M&S range?

T - Is a lucky lady.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Superga x Liberty London - Liberty Art Fabrics!

I hope I never get bored of double denim. I've been wearing a lot of 'samesy' outfits recently so I fancied going for something a little different by throwing on some casual statement pieces. I've really started getting into trainers recently, my collection is growing and I'm always drawn to unusual styles, especially if they're colourful or have an interesting print on them.

Superga have recently launched their Liberty Art Fabrics 2750 collection which is exclusively available at Office Shoes. My other pair of Liberty print sneakers are from Office, so I guess they're the go-to shoe shop for hella cool statement prints!

Double Denim Style
UK Fashion Bloggers
Superga x Liberty
Superga Liberty Art Fabrics 2750Shirt: H&M - Jeans: Hudson - Trainers: Superga x Liberty London c/o Office Shoes

These are my first pair of Superga's so I opted for the size 7 which is actually bit big for me, I'd say they run true to size because I needed the 6.5! As I'm not familiar with Superga, I wasn't expecting them to be quite so heavy... They have a decent weight to them which I actually really like - the soles are impressive. These Liberty Kem shoes are ultra girly and I think they look cool paired with my turquioise Hudson Jeans. 

The Liberty Art Fabrics collection is available in Office shoes stores and online. There are 3 exclusive styles in this collection which are certainly worth checking out if you're a Liberty fan. I fancy these ones in blue!

Do you wear Superga? Do you like Liberty's prints?

T - 2750s are a way of life.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sugarhill Boutique Francesca Colour Block Dress

Sugarhill boutique is one of my favourite brands, they stock a wide range of beautiful frocks with vintage-inspired prints and everything is designed from their studio in Brighton! For Autumn they've experimented with some unique prints and bright colour block designs. My top pick from the new collection is this Francesca Colour Block Dress, it's a great statement piece and has a flattering tunic shape. Beautiful.

Sugarhill Boutique Francesca Dress
Sugarhill AW15
Sugarhill Francesca Colour Block DressSugarhill Boutique dress (c/o) - Fedora: Anthropologie - Bracelets: Chlobo

I paired my Sugarhill frock with some simple block sandals, an Anthropologie fedora and a stack of silver ChloBo bracelets. It's a perfect everyday tunic but it could be easily dressed up with skyscraper heels! It has such a nice feel to it and it's really comfortable due to its oversized fit. I'm wearing the size 8 which is just right for me.

In other news, life has been pretty busy lately! I'm enjoying my new job - having weekends off is a game changer - and I've actually spent some time organising our wedding. I think we've FINALLY decided on our caterers, we just need to book a tasting session so we can cross that off the list! We're still struggling to find a live band, I think it's such a personal thing, we've received so many recommendations but none of them are *quite* right. The hunt continues. 

Do you like Sugarhill Boutique? Are you a fan of colour blocking?

T - Feeling bluesy.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

The #LittleColourfulDress at Work With Dove Invisible Dry!

And onto the next one! This is my second look in the Dove Invisible Dry Little Colourful Dress Challenge, and this time I'm making it WORK! 

I am totally guilty of werking the boring work pants office look. They're usually black or grey, and while I occasionally funk it up with a bright shirt or cardigan, I rarely do colour from head to toe so this was actually a real challenge for me - to create a wearable #LCD work outfit, but I think we pulled it off. To the outfit . . . 

Outfit: Dress - Warehouse, Jacket - Dorothy Perkins, Bag - Oasis, Shoes - Topshop, Necklace - Mi Moneda.

Dove #LCD Invisible Dry Blogger Outfit

Dove #LCD Invisible Dry Blogger Outfit

Dove #LCD Invisible Dry Blogger Outfit

As we've mentioned in our previous posts in this series, Dove want more women to feel colour confident and have teamed with some experts Alex Longmore and Natalie Thomas to help encourage the nation! The Dove Invisible Dry anti-perspirant has been tested on a whopping 100 colours, so you don't need to worry about those pesky deodorant marks. I certainly didn't notice any shifty white streaks on this gorgeous blue colour. That would be tres unprofessional at work! 

So does wearing colour at work give me a boost? Yeah I think so, I think that you put out an air of confidence for sure. More people give you a second glance just because of what you're wearing, so in turn you'd have to be self-confident to deal with the extra attention! I do think it happens to men in the office too though. We have a colleague who loves to rock a certain pink and lavender shirt/tie combo and tbh, we adore him for it and he laps up the attention, which in turn seems to give him a little confidence boost ;) I think wearing more colour definitely has a positive effect on corporate life! Imagine working at Google, no wonder those people are all super happy.

Would you, or do you, wear so much colour, especially 'clashing' like this, for work? Do you think wearing colour makes you feel more confident in yourself? 

J - Meeting at confidence o'clock!
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