Wednesday, 1 October 2014

ARTDECO Extreme Volume Mascara Review!

Today's review is a brand new mascara from my fave cosmetic brand, ARTDECO :)
The Extreme Volume Mascara formulation and precision wand targets the lash line to create a fan like lash spread - ooooooooh, int-er-est-ing?!

Mascara c/o ARTDECO
Artdeco mascara review

The shaped brush coats even the smallest lashes to define and magnify. I find it both pleasantly simple to look at, and wield. Don't get me wrong I'm all for innovation, but some mascara wands out there are quite frankly, ridiculous. Keep it simple and let the actual mascara do the talking! So anyway, you get a good amount of mazzy on the brush and it doesn't overload too much. It's really easy to get to the smaller inner and outer lashes, and I found it just as easy to do the bottom lashes without getting it under my eye - yey!

Artdeco mascara review

The idea is to leave a few seconds between coats to allow the mascara to work the line and spread the lashes. I do this anyway with any mascara to be honest, but I did feel like the first coat made a lot more difference than my usual (Lancome) mascara usually does. I went in for a second coat anyway and my lashes came out of it looking much longer and separated than before, so a light go over with my metal lash comb to smooth out what small clumps were clinging to the tips, and we were good to go! 

Artdeco mascara review

The result is a natural but dominant look. Lashes look noticeably longer and defined, yet retain the fluttery softness that I love. I can't stand the waxy hard look some mascara's leave lashes in, it feels vile to me, so this is perfect. It also looks really natural on the lower lash line, again a bonus for me because spider legs are a huge no no.

Artdeco mascara review

Overall, YES, I am really enjoying using this mascara. It does everything I want and expect from a mazzy - lovely long fluffy lashes! At £12.75 this is a quality product for a easily repurchasable price (no Ebaying your life away before you can buy a new one!) and probably the best I've used for a long time, two thumbs up!

J - Extreme sports.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Key Autumn 2014 Trend: The Blanket Wrap!

Oh Autumn, I love you. I think most people will agree Autumn/Winter clothing is the coolest. I adore Summer and the beautiful sunshine, but I always feel more stylish in the colder months. One of the key trends for Autumn 2014 is the blanket wrap. I have sported this trend in previous years, but this time around it's all over the high street.

New Look certainly have the widest selection of capes at the moment and this rawrsome tartan wrap is my current fave. After being inspired by the Cabot Circus Autumn Fashion Fix last Saturday, I decided to get my wrap on!

Bristol Street Style AW14
New Look Dark Green Check Blanket
Oasis Fiona Dress
New Look Winter Wrap
Tartan Blanket Wrap
Sperry Ainslie Boot
New Look Check Blanket Wrap (c/o) - Dress: Oasis - Hat and belt: Primark - Boots: Sperry 

I really like how easy-to-wear this trend is, it took me less than 60 seconds to chuck my tartan blanket wrap on and throw a belt over the top. I completed my look by pairing my cape with a fedora, my new Fiona dress from Oasis and these Ainslie Chelsea boots from Sperry.

I'm definitely going to be buying a few more of these wraps over the next few weeks, I have my eye on this one in red and a leopard print one from Oasis.

Will you be rockin' this trend? Are you a fan of this outfit?

T - The caped crusader.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Cabot Circus Autumn Fashion Fix! #AFF

Although I wasn't able to make it to Bristol Fashion Week AW14, I was lucky enough to attend the Cabot Circus Autumn Fashion Fix! The event was held last weekend and there were 8 catwalk shows crammed with this season's must-have pieces - perfect for a little A/W wardrobe inspiration. 

You were able to reserve seats via the Cabot website but the lovely PR team saved me a spot in the FROW. The stylists came up with 5 key trends we should all be wearing this Autumn, plus an exclusive Cosmopolitan edit. The key trends were Faux Fur, Shades of Red, Tapestry Folk, New Pastels and Metallics.

I left the show feeling genuinely inspired and I took A LOT of photos, but so this post isn't too picture heavy, I'm only going to share snaps from my favourite two trends. My first chosen trend is Tapestry Folk...

Warehouse Checked Cape
New Look Cream Chevron Tassel Wrap
Vivienne Westwood Uninhabitable Land Blanket

Outfit three: Reiss TrilbyVivienne Westwood Blanket and Opio Saffiano Bag at Garment Quarter

Gosh, I love this trend. After watching the show I developed a huge thing for blanket wraps - I even wore one yesterday! The three capes shown above range in price but the last one is my absolute favourite...Who doesn't love Vivienne Westwood!? The hats work perfectly with each look and I really like all the colour combos. It's just so Autumn-y and I can see myself wearing everything. I think I'm going to buy the first cape in a different colour (it also comes in turquoise and dark grey = dreamy) and perhaps save up for the burgundy Reiss trilby

My second favourite trend is Shades of Red. I don't own a lot of red but the girls looked hella fierce in their outfits and I now want some vibrant red in my A/W wardrobe! Red is obviously a real 'look at me' colour, I'm not afraid to make a statement but I think it's important to find the right piece before committing to something this bold. 

Red Miss Selfridge Playsuit
Shades of red trend
Bristol Cabot Circus Autumn Fashion Fix

I currently only own one red dress, the textured one above looks beautiful on the model but is a little too body con for my liking. I do, however, love the statement Reiss trousers worn with the red River Island coat! I can definitely imagine myself rockin' this ensemble and wearing red on red on red.

Which is your favourite Autumn/Winter trend? Have you shopped in Cabot Circus?

I want to say a huge thanks to Cabot Circus for the invite and my VIP goody bag! I can't wait to shop the trends and buy a cape or two.

T - is for Tapestry Folk. My new favourite Autumn trend!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Think Pink With Faux Fur and Fluff!

We couldn't be more excited for the return of faux fur this season, and it's coming back better than ever with so many styles and colours to choose from! T is on the hunt for some beautiful petrol blues but I'm erring on the girlier side with a touch of pink, so here's my fluffy candy wishlist! Santa baby, slip Unreal Fur under the tree, for me, I've been an awful good girl . . . HONEST ;)

Pink faux fur fashion bag shoes hat scarf coat Unreal Fur

Pink Faux Fur Tote Bag - £34.99 from New Look. I love the dusky baby pink of this bag, it manages to be feminine and fluffy with being *cringe* CUTE. 

Skinny Dip London iPhone 5/5S Faux Fur Pink Case - £18 from Spoiled Brat. This has Cher Horowitz written all over it, so like, I totally need it, obviously.

Candy Blossom Faux Fur Coat by Unreal Fur - £195 from Topshop. THERE ARE NO WORDS. 

Shrimps Ivana Striped Faux Fur Scarf - £175 from Net-A-Porter. It's like having the Cheshire Cat wrapped around your neck, which is perf because we're all mad here.

RABBIT Faux Fur Fluffy Sandals - £58 from Topshop. Toppers is killing it with the fluffy stuff this season, and these are the perfect party shoes! They're currently sold out though so eyes peeled ladies!

Light Pink Marabou Feather Beanie Hat - £13 from River Island. Top it all off with a pink poof. 

With pink faux fur, you can use it sparingly, as in one piece per outfit OR just take it to church and use several different shades on top of each other for a more in your face high fashion look. I wouldn't bother trying to match the shades, there's simply too many to make that work and it can all look a bit Paris Hilton, but not hot. I'm going to get a few awesome pieces like the bag and a coat, and just treat them like they are black to get the most wear out of them - ta daaaaaa!

What do you think? Coloured or traditional faux fur? What are you hunting for?

J - Pink. It's my new obsession.
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