Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dr Martens Liverpool One Store Part 2 - The Clothes!

So this is part 2 of my Dr Martens Liverpool One store visit, and this time I'm talking CLOTHES! You may be surprised that Dr Martens also has such a wide range of clothes and accessories to compliment their famous footwear, and it's pretty darn awesome. Check out what I found instore . . .

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens leather bags clothes uk style and fashion blogger
Beautiful leather bags and purses in classic black, cherry red and brown, starting at £115. Like the boots, we're encouraged to wear these in to make them look even better! I don't know about you, but I love the idea of being able to relax with an expensive bag instead of wrapping it in cotton wool?!

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens clothes uk style and fashion blogger
Cute tshirt dresses with dip hems, the perfect summer look with any DM shoes! This one is £40 and has a cut out skull pattern to the front, LOVE.

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens Agyness Deyn clothes uk style and fashion blogger
This Agyness Deyn hula print was a standout for me, and is repeated throughout her line on dresses, tees and bags!

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens clothes uk style and fashion blogger
Loved this skulls and roses print found on a tee, so clever, take a good look and find the Reaper!

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens rib shirt clothes uk style and fashion blogger
Probably my second fave piece, this Longline Rib Shirt (£60) was to die for and could easily be styled up in so many different ways. 

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens tartan dress clothes uk style and fashion blogger
This classic tartan dress was my fave piece, and apparently it's everyone's fave, as Siobhain told me that they are constantly selling out and having to reorder! The tartan style gets a design makeover every season but the Dr Martens tartan dress is fast becoming the clothes version of the 1460 boot, here to stay!

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens satchel uk style and fashion blogger
How cute is this mini satchel?! I actually think I like this size better than the standard size!

Obvs I had to try something on (p.s. the changing room is HUGE!), so I nabbed the tartan dress and said mini satchel for a dressing room selfie. The dress was SO nice, I can totally get why it's so popular. It's made of a lightweight brushed cotton material and the cut and length is just perf. I usually shy away from dresses that cut at the waist because they don't really flatter my top heavy shape but this looked so cute! I'm wearing an XL which is a UK16, so I think it ran a little small because I'm generally a 12 on the bottom and 14 on top but you have to bear in mind that there is zero stretch and a button up, despite the waist being perfectly roomy. I imagine that if you were, for example, an 8 all over like Tara is (harumph - jealous face), then it would be true to size :)

The mini satchel looks perfect with it, I definitely want this whole outfit for next season! I'm wearing my new Dr Martens Alodie boots (£120) with it, so I just fell in love with the whole look! 

Dr Martens Liverpool store Liverpool One Dr Martens clothes uk style and fashion blogger

Huge thanks to Siobhain, Jamie and the Dr Martens Liverpool One team for letting me roam free in the store for an hour, I left with a new insight into the brand and how it fits into Liverpool style. If you're shopping in the city then you need to pop in! The clothes are a hidden treasure even if you're not a massive fan of the shoes, and if you're not a fan of the shoes (errr exsqueeze me, a baking powder, are you mental?!) I actually think you'll leave the store with a different view because the brand is so versatile and classically cool. 

J - Can I have a job Dr?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

THAT Sugarhill Boutique Unicorn Dress.

Unicorrrrrrrrrns! When I noticed this print at the Sugarhill Boutique press day, I actually melted on the spot. I absolutely adore SB, their dresses seem to fit me like a dream and their fun and quirky prints always inject some much needed fun into my wardrobe.

Sugarhill Boutique Unicorn Dress
Sugarhill Unicorn Tunic
Unicorn Print Dress
Sugarhill Boutique Review
Sugarhill Boutique Unicorn Tunic (c/o) - Leather Jacket: HIDE - Unicorn Horn Necklace: Regal Rose - Shoes: Next - Hat: H&M 

I initially had my eyes on the skater dress in this print, but as if by fate, I ended up getting my paws on this perfect loose fitting Unicorn Tunic Dress instead! When I ripped open the beautiful packaging, I had it on and zipped up before you could say Robert Pattinson. I paired it with my trusty leather, fisherman boots, signature fedora and this unicorn horn necklace for a double dose of unicorn goodness. I felt totally badass in this outfit while I strutted around my local shopping mall. Ooooh yeah.

I took my normal size (UK 8 - XS) and would say it fits true to size. I now have my eyes on the top version... I think it would look hella cute with ripped denim shorts! Ooooh wee. Huge congrats SB, you've nailed it. UH-GAIN.

Do you believe in unicorns? Are you a fan of Sugarhill Boutique?

T - Unicorn power.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dr Martens Liverpool One Store Part 1 - The Shoes!

This weekend I was invited to edit the Dr Martens Liverpool One store, have a good old nose at their goodies and grab an insight into how one of our fave brands is making it's fashion mark into my favourite city!

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review

I spent an hour with the DM team (huge thanks to Siobhain and Jamie!) learning about the brand history and the recent changes in style direction whilst getting my paws on all the new styles to show you what you're missing if you're more likely to head to your nearest high street shoe shop instead of finding your hidden gem of a local Dr Martens store when you're in the market for a new pair of a little something like this . . . 

First up was the latest collab from Agyness Deyn, now into her fourth season with Dr Martens. The new line is much lighter than her previous collections, taking inspiration from her new LA home, think surfer girl with a touch of prep, which makes for some very interesting DM designs!

The Aggy LTT Boot (£210), with their bowling shoe styling and rose motif, were probably my faves from the shoe line simply because I will always favour a boot! The Aggy Sandal (in rose pattern or a patent black, both £130) isn't really my cup of tea, but I had to admit that the Aggy Strap Shoe (£115) had a certain schooltime appeal for me, hella cute!

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Agyness Deyn Aggy LTT boot
Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Agyness Deyn Aggy Strap shoe
Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Agyness Deyn Aggy Rose sandal

Speaking of schooltime appeal, I asked Siobhain what the most popular shoe in the store was right now, and aside from the classic black 1460's, it seems Liverpool students can't get enough of the big bowed Mariel (£90)! Yup, this is THE hot back to school shoe for baby scouse birds and I can totally see why, we would've gone crazy for these bad boys when I was a 90's schoolie! 

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Mariel bow shoes

To be honest, as a discerning teen I probably would've preferred the heeled Jinelle (£100). They instantly reminded me of my old cherry rub Dr Martens Darla boots which were one of the first Dr Martens heels from a few years back. I still wear them to death now even if they are on their last legs, but how many heeled boots can you say you've had 4 snowy Winters out of? Mmhmm, go 'head Darla ;)

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Jinelle heeled shoes

I definitely had a soft spot for these Clarissa sandals (£95) too. I've spotted them on loads of bloggers and they look so cute with a little dress. Dr Martens sandals are pretty new to the brand but they still manage to stay true to the original brand image with the famous bouncing soles and thick strapping. I love how DM's don't borrow from any other brands, they just do their own thing.

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Clarissa sandals

Jocelyn (£90) is a block heeled cut out T-bar shoe, the ultimate geek shoe. And I mean that as a compliment! In fact, I'm loving all of these new DM styles! The female DM customer is loyal for life, often buying their fave styles in multiple colours and patterns, so why not give them other options with the heels and sandal ranges? Very clever. Basically, if you love the brand, why go anywhere else just because the weather or event changes?

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Jocelyn geek shoes

Then there's the fun stuff. The fancy patterned and coloured DM's you always see on their Instagram page with a squillion likes and 9200 comments from fans? T and I have both had pics of our boots regrammed on there *COUGH* 25k likes *COUGH*, and it feels amazing! ;) If I was a rich girl (and I'm sure Tara agrees with me) I'd just buy all the patterns I loved regardless of whether I thought they'd fit in with my wardrobe. As it is, I umm and ahh over them as if I'm getting a tattoo or something. This is what makes them so special, because if you commit to something a little bit crazy, then you know it's true love! Check these beauties out . . .

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review floral boots
Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Beano boots
Dr Martens Liverpool One store review

Finally, the Drench wellies! As seen on our very own Tara in Glastonbury (who highly recommends them by the way), these rubber boots are 100% waterproof and look just like normal DM's until you get up close. They start at £75, so a bit more than your average Hunter's for example, but they're a lot cooler and less um, *side eye* 'common' - ahem ;)

Dr Martens Liverpool One store review Drench wellies

I had an awesome time looking around the store. It's not my first time in there but I usually only go in when I want something special, like my Agyness Deyn bow cap from a few seasons ago, or the cute leopard socks that caught my eye in the window a few months ago, but it is the first time that I've took an in depth look around and got a real feel for the place, and now I've got that there's no way I'll be going anywhere else for my next Dr Martens purchase. The team are lovely and really knowledgeable about the brand, I totally recommend popping by next time you're in town. Have a good nose, touch something you wouldn't normally touch, try on something you wouldn't normally try on, and prepare to get hooked!

Stick around for part 2 of the edit coming later this week. Hint - it involves CLOTHES.

J - Dr, I think I've got a fever.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Britain to Barbados with Debenhams! #britaintobarbados

I was recently asked to take part in Debenhams' 'Britain to Barbados' campaign! The challenge was to style a maxi dress and a pair of sandals in two different ways, one suitable for Britain, and the other suitable sunny Barbados.

I was lucky enough to visit Barbados last year and as I live in maxi dresses all year round, I couldn't help but feel this task was made for me. Huzzah!

Outfit 1: Britain
Leather Dr. Martens Satchel
Debenhams Britain to Barbados
Warehouse Dress and Kurt Geiger Sandals (c/o) - Leather Jacket: HIDE - Unicorn Necklace: Regal Rose - Hat: H&M - Satchel: Dr. Martens 

If you're a regular reader, you'll know this is pretty much a signature look of mine. I'm almost always wearing a fedora, love wearing maxis and own a *healthy* selection of leather jackets. I keep my makeup quite natural on a day-to-day basis and usually wear my hair down. I like to add a touch of bling and almost always carry a leather satchel around with me... But this one is my favourite! Pretty badass, non? ;)

Outfit 2: Barbados
Summer Maxi DressWarehouse Embellished Maxi DressWarehouse Dress and Kurt Geiger Sandals (c/o) - Necklace: Oasis - Sunglasses: Ray-ban - Clutch: Forever 21

Barbados is a beautiful country and during peak season there's no need for a jacket. When I'm swanning around on holiday, I throw my hair out of my face and wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. I only wear skincare products with SPF in and appreciate a good splash of lipgloss - this new one from E.L.F works well! My embellished Warehouse maxi dress is really versatile and is suitable for wearing day-to-night. I took my usual size but I would say it's a little snug on the chest so maybe size up if you're bigger on top.

Kurt Geiger Maddie Sandals

These incredible Kurt Geiger gladiator sandals are currently on sale and remind me of the tan pair I had handmade in Vietnam! I'm annoying half size but I'm really glad I sized up as I find KG tend to run a bit small. The straps are adjustable and they're really well made... I'm crazy about them! They're such a great statement piece. 

Huge thanks to Debenhams for asking me to take part! Which outfit is your favourite? Are you a fan of maxi dresses and sandals for Summer?

T - Dreaming of Dover beach.
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