babymoov Nutribaby ONE 4-in-1 Food Processor Review

Friday 3 December 2021

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We've been weaning Remy for over a month now and we're slowly getting to grips with it! Before starting our weaning journey at six months, I was extremely excited and had prepared by reading a few books and had ordered a range of accessories. We opted for a combination of spoon-fed and baby-led weaning and wanted to let Remy take the lead. 

babymoov nutribaby one review

Is the Nutribaby One worth it?

Unless you're planning to mash everything with a fork, one of the main pieces of equipment you need for weaning is a food processor - luckily, we were selected to review the babymoov Nutribaby One Food Processor from Natural Baby Shower.

We have some babymoov audio monitors so we had high expectations. After a speedy delivery (and recyclable packaging) I set up the food processor. Larger than it looks online, I was impressed that it has a 700ml blending capacity and boasts a large 1.3l steam cooking capacity. This meant batch cooking was possible (and has proven to be a massive time saver).

Using the steamer is easy, you just use the corresponding chart to decide how much water is required to steam the food you're cooking and pour this under the steaming cooking vessel. The harder the food, the more water required. It comes with a steaming basket as well which I've used lots for Remy's finger foods. Once you've added the food you want to steam you just push the 'on' button in the centre of the food prep machine (you'll spot the light when it's on). When steaming is complete you can transfer everything into the blender and twist the cooking vessel into place before holding the blending button - brace yourself for some nice strong blending action!

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So what's the verdict? After using it for over a month, I'm really pleased with the babymoov Nutribaby One Food Processor. In particular, the ability to batch cook veggies and meals. Our freezer is full of blended veggies in ice cube trays allowing me to quickly mix a combination together for dinner when time is limited. There is room for improvement though, it could be even better if you could restart cooking if more steaming is required. Also, it's not great for blending small quantities - I still use a handheld blender for blending leafy vegetables or singular meal portions.

- Stylish design
- Large capacity
- Basket for steaming larger pieces of veg
- Powerful blending function
- Sturdy and high quality
- Easy to use

- Doesn’t blend small portions of kale/spinach (but works for batch cooking)
- No timer
- If you don’t use enough water and it switches off, you can’t automatically restart

I'm looking forward to making some new batches of meals soon!

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