31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 24 - The Item That Brings All The Boys To The Yard . . .

Sunday 27 May 2012

You would think something like this would repel men, but for some reason (maybe they bring out the kinky side of them!) boys cannot get enough of my Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes!

I don't see them as being particularly sexy, fierce yes, but sexy not so much. But dudes have approached me in GARDEN CENTRES in front of my boyfriend to tell me how much they like my boots, which is very wierd indeed! Still, if you're going to rock spikes on your shoes you have to expect some sort of attention so hey ho, but still, garden centres guys, really?!

J - Ummmm?...


  1. I adore these! Wow why don't I have money :') I want to steal them 8) xoxo


    1. Thanks! My BF bought me them last year, I was spoilt or I'd never afford them!

      J x

  2. Haha!, They must be magical :)

    Rose x


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