COCO and BISCUITS anyone?....

Wednesday 19 January 2011

Yep, kinda excited about this bunch of stills. Coco & Biscuits is the hot new sister range to The Rock Boutique, and both can be found at 839 Camden Stables Market, Caaaaaaaaaaaaaam-den Town, Lahhhhndahhhn NW1 8AH, whilst The Rock Boutique is concessioned in certain Topshop stores and stocked online at Crystal Inc Boutique (handy if like us you very rarely get to visit lovely foggy London town). The Rock Boutique range is bright and bold in colour and embellishments, but Coco & Biscuits has an edgier, worn in to be worn out, ooooooohh - FASHION, look that we personally adore. Each piece is either hand printed, a ltd edition, recycled, or completely one off which just makes us want a piece of C&B even more.

Here are a few of our faves (and yes, I totally get that by a few, I mean 'a lot' - it's hard to choose!), check a wider range out on the Coco & Biscuits Facebook page photo album if you like what you see. Which you will. GO!

Seeeeeeeeeeee? RAWR right? Everytime I preview this post I drift off into a dreamworld of C&B tanks and tees, Charley 5.0 zipper skinnies, worker boots and layering myself happy.......

Follow Coco & Biscuits on Facebook for updates and info, we totally have our eyes peeled for new stockists popping up in our local areas (oo-er!).

Dear Jack, we need them all, quickly please. Kthanxbai.

J - a total fashion whore, you know it ;)


  1. I have tagged you in my latest post hunnies ! x


    These are! Lovin' the 'glam me up' 'c is for chaos' and 'who is coco' (I don't know who she is either..)

    More of this brand please

  3. Oh These are pretty fierce, right?
    Love these!

  4. KARL! And on facebook it totally said think Kate. He can put her on as many shirts as he wants. As an AC/DC and Chanel fan, the logo is perfection. NOW, I must kindly pay this man to ship all his goods to the US. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of them! And I think my Bas counterpart does as well (ok, maybe a whole lot. She loves them!). So thank you for making birthday shopping easy for me!
    I am glad you can read our tastes!

  5. wowee amazing tees! Loving the blog as well, it's ace!

    New follower!!

    Amie xx

  6. Hehe I love the Coco & Biscuits logo - anything that's inspired by AC/DC makes me happy! :)

    Great post!



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