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Friday, 10 January 2014

I've been intrigued by the whole skort thing since they dropped but this is my first one, the Brogan Leopard Print Skort - £20 from Pretty Little Thing. Obviously I love the pattern, and it was really just asking to be paired with my fave kitty accessories . . . 

Outfit: Skort - c/o Pretty Little Thing, Jumper - F21, Bag - H&M, Boots - Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace - Chelsea Doll at Spoiled Brat, Tights - TK Maxx, Rings - Dogeared, New Look, and my jade band :)

The skort is a size L. I'm not going to lie, it runs HELLA small. When it comes to fast fashion I always order the L's because they do tend to run small in my experience and I'd rather have something a little loose than uncomfortably tight, plus I'm a lazy returner. PLT size L is supposed to be a 14 but this is more like a very small 12. I'm a standard 12, and I am busting out of this and could easily do with an extra inch around the high hip and waist measurements so just be aware! With that aside, it's really cute and makes a nice change from a skirt :)

My sister from another mister Ally got me this super cute H&M bag for Christmas, it's so much fun and I can see us becoming firm friends this year!

The name necklace from Chelsea Doll is one of my fave things right now, for obvious reasons. Tara has the tartan version which is also really cute. You can't beat a bit of CD! 
Speaking of T, the Dogeared 'J' ring was a Christmas gift from my pretend baby sis. I've been after a gold ring like this that I can wear full time, and as it's actually gold dipped I'm hoping it won't tarnish!

And the JC cat Lita's. Seriously, these things just never get old.

So guys, to skort or not to skort? That is the question. I know Tara isn't keen but I'm glad I tried one out ;)

J - Skorting around.


  1. Ah my gosh, I will never get tired of those cat Litas! Beautiful xxx


  2. I'm not too keen on the skort, but it looks great on you! Might have to reconsider. Is your necklace a Tatty Divine? I have one in black but SO wish it was leopard print instead!!

    1. Hi Niki, it's from Chelsea Doll at Spoiled Brat, I think it was about £15 :)

  3. Oh wow I love the skort. I have never seen one in leopard before either. Such a bargain too x


  4. Oh dear god those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x


  5. Love the bag, its so cute! x


  6. omg love that leopard printed, it looks so good on you! And your shoes are fabulous because it looks very vintage <3

  7. Your hair is looking gorgeous here Jade! I also really adore your cute necklace :) It definitely suits you very well! xxx

  8. Love that skort on you, and those lita's are the best! x
    Meant To Attend

  9. I've seen many skorts but no leopard print ones! Looking super cool, such a cute little J ring too...I want one! xxx

  10. those cat litas are too cute ! and i do quite like this skort, it's nice knowing there's something hidden underneath to stop any pants flashing haha
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  11. I am in love with the cat accessories! Skorts have been super popular lately, I really like how you've styled it, a great stylish winter outfit! x

  12. I can't make my mind up about skorts, but you are seriously rocking this one! Shame it runs on the small side though, that's always my worry with fast fashion stores too, I'm usually a 10 but in some places I've had 14's cos they are that small, crazy! I can't even begin to describe how much I love that cat bag, super adorable! <3

  13. Gosh your cat bag is beautiful; bet you attract many admiring gazes from fellow fashionistas out & about!

    Sophie <3 soinspo

  14. I like the skort! Looks great on you! :) LOVE those cat print boots too haha

    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  15. I love everything about this look

  16. Oh yeah definitely to skort! I find them very comfortable :) Leopard looks great on you! xx

  17. Love the kitty themed accessories. The shoes :o <3
    Looking faaaaaaabulous! Xxx

  18. I think I will have to try one on before I commit to an opinion lol! Love love the bag x

  19. Love the shoes and thanks for the heads up on sizing on fast fashion!

    A little bit Unique Blog/Bloglovin/Instagram/Facebook


  20. I used to wear skorts as a kid (playing in the park in a skirt isnt the best idea)... I didn't know they still make them!
    Love your shoes and that amazing bag :) so cute!

  21. you look so lovely, sorry but i hate your boots but your bag................ DREAAAAAM *_____* <3

  22. Aw Jade, you have the best hair and feline themed accessories!

    Em x

  23. I love the way you incorporate funk in your style and still manage to look simply classy <3

    Warm Regards



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