New Mr Gugu & Miss Go at Spoiled Brat!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

So there I was moseying around SB's new ins when I spied some epic newness from Mr Gugu & Miss Go, helloooooooo new season!

Holograms and holographic prints are big business this season, and this Hologram Printed Snood Scarf (£34.99) is the perfect accessory for pre-Spring!

But hold up, there's a matching COAT! Yep, a Hologram Print Coat (£124.99). Good golly Gugu & Go, you bring the gawps. SB is running a few Mr Gugu & Miss Go printed coats right now and they're pretty epic, think flamingos and cupcakes, but this one is my fave by far!

Then I was like, errrrrrrmerrrrrrrrgerrrrrrrd, it's a dip hem unicorn dress! How cute is this Unicorn Trapeze Jersey Dress (£49.99)?! The print is also on the back, so everyone gets to see the magic ;) 
Gawddamn, I think we're going to see great things from this brand's new season drop. It's good to see them stepping out of the printed leggings, tees and sweatshirts box and expanding into more interesting shapes and heavier pieces like the coats and skiwear that can be seen on the Mr Gugu & Miss Go online store. Did you know there's even a nebula print bedset? Mmhmm!

J - Print-cess.


  1. I love holographic prettiness! That snood is so cool xxx

  2. ohmagosh those are so cool!! I want that coat in my life though I know I could never carry it off!!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  3. I love that snood - so unusual! I don't know if I'd be brave enough to wear it but it's very awesome :) xxx

  4. Thanks for the intro to this brand... I will def be checking it out.


  5. Eeep Unicorn dress! <3 And I could definitely do with a nebula bedset in my life! X

  6. these stuff are awesome <3


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