Tuesday 15 November 2011

This is an exciting show and tell for me, who's in this amazing gift box?... It's my new Fuzzy Nation Chinese Crested Leopard Wristlet, and he is GORGEOUS!! At this point I should mention that 'he' is actually called Betsey J, but for some reason I prefer to refer to it as 'he', I think because if I had a real Chinese Crested, I'd want a boy! 'He' is from Fuzzy Nation online priced at £14.99 along with the other wristlet pieces. He's so tiny (I knew this!), you can maybe fit a lipstick inside him but I didn't get him to carry stuff around in, I plan to hang him off my belt loops, or attach him to larger bags, he's going to be my bit of cute frosting! I picked the Chinese Crested Leopard Wristlet because a) leopard print is my life, b) I come from a Chinese family and c) they're such adorable oddballs! Prepare yourselves for the cuteness....

I love the little touches. His handle turns into a lead (aww!), the little Fuzzy Nation zipper charm is too cute and I love his one silver paw, kind of a glam mark of authentication ;)

Do you love him?! If like me, you fell deep into these doggy eyes, you will ADORE the rest of the range! Fuzzy Nation model their pieces on a TON of doggy breeds from Pugs and Poodles to Terriers and Chihuahuas, there's something for every doggy lover and they would make amazing gifts! I want a larger Plushious Bag next, I've fell head over paws for the Frockstar Poodle and I'm actually a cat person!

A girl could get so hooked on these babies, so it's a good job that Fuzzy Nation pieces are also available from Menarys and AdHoc London - hurrah! Girls you will die when you see the silver sequinned Stella Pug with angel wings - GO!

J - Goggie eyed.


  1. I can't decide if it's creepy or cute!

  2. LOL! I know right? But that's kind of how I feel about the actual real Chinese Crested, they're so wierd looking that they're kinda cute!

    Mwah! J x

  3. Gosh that is cute! Not sure I'd actually use it though. Maybe keep it as an ornament like my VS Pink doggies hehe xx

  4. So good! I bought my friend a Fuzzy Nation bag years ago, it was shaped like a Boston Terrier and perfect..I always wish I'd gotten myself one!

  5. OMG!! Why have I not seen these before!??!
    So cute! Deffo going on the christmas list :P

  6. Aw quite sweet, not for me personally as my mates would take the mick but deffo a cute present for a younger sis or comething x

  7. Hehe, very funny and adorable!:)


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