Going On The Wants List - Zoe Karssen I Heart Cats Tee at Frank & Doll!

Wednesday 30 November 2011

This one is simple. I totally heart cats. Pelecat Clancy-Egerton Esq. is my life and everyone knows it. I also heart tees, especially those of the cute slogan kind. And as my final point, Frank And Doll are one of the hottest new stores to catch our eyes this year, yet I am still to make my first purchase from there. So yeah, no brainer - I NEED this!

Zoe Karssen I Heart Cats tee, £50 at Frank And Doll.

Now to just get the boyfriend to look below into Pelecat's eyes while he sends him the subliminal message to buy me the aforementioned shirt....OBEY MY CAT!!

Apologies if any of you guys also got sucked in there. He haz powerz.

J - I Heart Christmas.


  1. Oh GOD why does it gotta be so expensive?? I ALSO NEED THAT TOP. heehee

    Dayner x my blog - mozzypop.com

  2. wahhh :( that tshirt is awesome! need to save my pennies.

    Jessica xo

  3. Ahhhh I'm a massive cat lady I need this! Typical thats its from Frank and Doll, love everything they sell!.

  4. Lol! He better obey or elseies! Rawr hugs! x

  5. Hee... We love this in the office, thanks dolls!

    We are doing a great discount v.soon. Like our Facebook page to get the code :)


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