What's Hawt? Bjorg x Urban Outfitters!

Monday, 21 November 2011

More than a year ago I wrote a post about the uh-mazing Norweigan jewellery brand, Bjørg. Unfortunately it's hella pricey so I haven't copped any...YET.

Forget Versace for H&M, the designer collabo I'm most excited about this year is Bjørg for Urban Outfitters.

The new affordable range is inspired by Memento Mori, time travels, ancient myths and tales from the desert= I want it on me.

Grip Crystal Ring, Online Exclusive- £69.

The collection contains 12 different pieces, each equally mystical & mesmorizing.

Locket Necklace- £39.

This is soooo cheap for a bit of Bjørg!! I'd love to pop some pictures of my rents in this & make it the perfect keepsake.

Crystal Grip Amulet, Online & Oxford Street Only- £98.

My favourite necklace from the collection, I've always loved Bjørg's crystal pieces & I'm convinced this would fit right in with my other jewelz. WANT.

Grip Ear Cuff, Online & Oxford Street Only- £35.

This has J written all over it! I can imagine her rockin' this with some Evil Twin. Too cool for skool.

Caged Sand Amulet, Online & Oxford Street Only- £89.

The silver skull with crystal eyes makes the perfect plug for this sand filled amulet. I'm *almost* tempted to buy one and then smash it to get the sand out!!

What do you Rawrers think? Will you be asking for some bargain Bjørg for chrimbo? ;)

T- I wish there was an Urban Outfitters in Oz! XoX


  1. Cool jewelries!! I love first ring!!! Amazing!!

  2. Wow these are amazing! Right up my street! Ubran outfitts always pull the best brands out the bag.


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