Rawrgirls Review - Tie Towel!

Tuesday 15 November 2011

Those of you who like to dye your hair, or even use conditioning masque treatments, know what a nightmare it can be to protect yourself, your bathroom, your towels, the cat etc, from the drips and spills that randomly fall from your head in the time it takes for you to develop into a goddess? I usually spend that time sitting on the edge of the bath; cold, uncomfortable and still managing to ruin a towel or two as I dab at my neck or ears to get that itch that ALWAYS starts the minute you finish applying the dye - argh! So when I was asked if I wanted to review Tie Towel, a new home hair colouring accessory, I didn't hesitate - bring it on!

Designed by stylist to the stars John Woods MBE , Tie Towel is special because it’s totally bleach and tint resistant (unlike your long suffering bathroom towels), perfectly sculpted to fit the neck (so no creases where dye can run and escape to underneath and onto your skin) and features a little toggle to keep the towel securely in place until you're done and ready to wash it!

Here it is as modelled by moi, obvi not as glam as Louise from Big Brother who somehow manages to make it look hot in the Tie Towel ad campaign!

So, how was it? SO GOOD! It's very light, and the hands free nature of it means you are free to do other things while you wait without the worry of it falling off. We did have a few spills as per but the Tie Towel mopped them up no problems. Plus, because it's totally bleach and tint resistant you can dab away at those itchy bits without fear of ruining another towel, simply pop it in the washing machine and it'll be as good as new in one cycle, da daaaaaa! I know a few people might say a binbag tied around your neck is just as good but erm, let's be serious here - it's not. If you went to the salon and the stylist wrapped a binbag around you would you be happy? No, so why do it to yourself at home when there is a well priced AND reuseable item specifically for the job? Personally, even a normal towel isn't ideal for me, they just fall off and if I want to move around I have to keep hold of it which means I can't do important things like tweeting, stroking my Robert Pattinson stand up, breaking off a chunk of Galaxy or pouring myself a raspberry vodka. Priorities people, priorities.

Retailing at around £9.99 from Asda, Boots and Superdrug, it's well worth picking one up if you dye your hair a lot, it made a normally tedious job that little bit more enjoyable and relaxing, which is always a good thing :)

J - No more tears.

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  1. Ahhhh thats a fab idea! I'm always ruining my clothes and towels with bleach and dye!



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