SO in love with WE ARE FAUX!

Monday 21 November 2011

I think I may have mentioned before that I am a false lash addict? I'm always on the lookout for new styles and brands that I haven't tried, so when I noticed that WE ARE FAUX were following us on Twitter I mooched over to have a nosey at their online store and WOW, SO glad I did!

Ladies, I give you, the WE ARE FAUX RUBIA, £15.50. I LOVE them. You can tell they're at the luxe end of the lash parade straight away. They're super soft and intricately crossed and the gold strands are fixed right in there and look sharp. They don't come with glue but I have a ton of it anyway, and application is a doddle when the bands are a good shape and hold firm like these. Do you like?

I decided to go with a soft green lid to make the gold strands pop, plus I was only off to the Co-op, but I can't wait to go black glitter on these bad boys, and they're going to look awesome with my Iron Fist gold sequinned skulls wedges! Matching your lashes to your shoes is a great way to pull an outfit together, trust me ;)

The packaging is a treat too, I felt pretty fancy receiving false lashes in a drawstring dustbag! It's a great idea though, my drawers are full of lashes in boxes (my lashes last for a verrrrrry long time because I iz careful), and I'm kind of loving the idea of hanging these ones up on my jewellery stand in their bag! I wish someone would invent a lash stand, a bit like a hat stand but for lots of pairs of lashes? And it should be in some sort of box or case so they wouldn't get dusty. Anyway, I digress - here they are in unopened glory!

Next on my WE ARE FAUX list are the Good Girl lashes - £20, which look anything but like they were made for good girls! Pyramid studs rule my world and pyramid studs on false lashes? Well, I obviously die don't don't I?

I wear false lashes like jewellery, they're just part of an everyday outfit to me, so dropping £20 on a pair of amazing ones like these is just like someone else throwing £20 at a necklace. Take care of your lashes after every wear (remove the old glue, clean the make-up off and set them back in their box for storage) and you can reuse them over and over, I often get way more than 10 wears out of quality pairs like these WE ARE FAUX ones, so pounds per wear isn't an issue here - hurrah!

J - So in love with FAUX.


  1. I saw this website a while ago! Have had my eyes on those studded ones for ages!.

  2. They're so hot right? Ahhhhh!!!

    J x

  3. Wow,stunning,would love the studded ones,lashes are getting more and more creative,Im also loving the delicate paper/lace cut out ones,so beautiful x

  4. These look great! Those studded ones are amazing.

  5. Love these! Wish I could put lashes on proper! RAWR! xx


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