Review- Phil Smith's Heat Protection Irons Straightening Mist!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

If you read J's review of Phil Smith's Big It Up Shampoo and Big It Up Conditioner HERE, you will already know that we were lucky enough to win a STACKLOAD of Phil Smith haircare products from Glamour magazine...& that we're doing a review of the products as and when we use them!

Phil Smith has more than twenty years in the industry and is one of the most trusted, skillful and inspirational names in the business, his products have won multiple awards! His ranges can be bought online at KMI Club and are also available at Sainburys! :)

Heat Protection Irons Straightening Mist:

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Unlike J (who was born with the best hair on the planet), I have to work at my locks! I like them SUPER sleek and super HOT. This requires straightening...

I'm always worried about using my irons everyday & take my haircare very seriously. When J posted some Phil Smith - Be Gorgeous goodies down to me, I was excited yet WARY of this new heat protection spray!

The smell of hair products is EXTREMELY important to me. When I'm getting ready at 7am in the morning, I cannot work with overpowering, yucky scents that make me feel sick. I've had this is the past & I've been known to throw out heat sprays after 2 uses...I show NO mercy.


I can't even begin to tell you how impressed I was with the scent of this spray...Lets just say it's a rather familiar scent that smells quite "DELICIOUS"...So if you're a fan of that, you will be a fan of this ;) NOM!

Great protection (my hair doesn't feel like it's frazzling) & it goes on well- it's very 'misty' ;) It's hard to believe that it's only £3.99 because this product feels A LOT more expensive.

The only thing that scares me now, is that it's going to run out...I'm planning to stock up this weekend! I'm completely in love with it and I've already recommended it to atleast 5 friends.

So ladies, ditch whatever heat protection spray you're using now & get this bad boy. It's by far the BESTEST & it smells DELICIOUS!

T <3


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