Paws Up For and SpiritHoods!

Saturday 27 November 2010

So since stumbling across SpiritHoods on our regular trawls of the US online boutiques a few months back we have been more than desperate for one each, and now we have them - eeeeeek!!! The AMAZING stocks them here in UK (because they have super intuitive ideas of what's hot right now!) and we couldn't be more grateful to them!

T got the yummy Full leopard Hood, £125. SpiritHoods come with an inspiring description of the type of person = the chosen animal. As T chose Leopard her personality is described as 'The Leopard Spirit is able to blend in to many different circumstances with ease. People with this spirit find comfort in many different social situations yet also appreciate being alone. Often territorial and protective the Leopard naturally commands respect, without needing to demand it.' This is spot on, T is a natural commander of R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

I got my paws on the Full Polar Bear, £115. As a Polar Bear I am described as 'The Polar Bear is a protector. People with the Polar Bear spirit tend to look out for those around them. They are focused and goal driven animals, knowing what they need and doing whatever it takes to get it.' Yes, I am totally focused and know what I need, demonstrated by the 'Jade Wants For Xmas' favourites file on the lappy for BF to see!

They are PERFECT for this weather and boy do you get some jealz stares! Fully lined with satin, complete with discreet zipper pocket in the scarf section, and with a button fastening (which I used to keep it on when I wanted to lower the hood) they are an uber luxe version of the high street trappers and animal beanies. The faux fur is SUPER soft and the little 'pawkets' look adorable when you slip your chilly paws into them! It's also nice to know that SpiritHoods as a company contribute to the conservation of the gorgeous creatures they emulate with the Product BLUE items, where a portion of the price paid is donated to charity, read about it here on their own webby!

Check out the other styles available at, maybe you are a Fox, Wolf, Snow Leopard or Panda? Treat yourself using our exclusive 25% off code - STYLERAWR!

RAWR!! J & T x x x


  1. Ahh they look so snug! I want the Wolf one, but have no pennies to buy it! Maybe spoiled brat would donate one for a giveaway? *Flutters eyelashes*
    PS I just used your code and got a cute pair of ballet pumps and a vest top by SimDog :) Thanks girlies xxxx

  2. LOL! Loving your work!
    Tune in after X Factor for our next giveaway!

    Oh yey! The SimDog tanks are amazing, SUCH bargains and worn by hot Twi-girls Kristen and Ashley!

    J x x

  3. Ooooooh...I'm still in love with these but now I can't afford one thanks to the evil people at NPower!! *shakes fist at utility bills* You both look fab! :)

  4. Loving the blog. You look great in the Spirit Hoods xx

  5. Love love love!!!

    You both look gorgeous (as always!)
    I'd love one too! I saw a girl wearing one the other day and she got a lot of admiring looks!!

  6. Awww you guys look so snug and warm in your spirit hoods! Super cute xx

  7. Awww thanks you guys! <3 SB we LOVE you!

    We think everyone needs one, they are SO comfy & they definitely get a lot of jealous stares ;) You all need to pop one on your Xmas list!

    We have an exciting giveaway launching later today, if you win you may be one step closer to owning one yourselves...EEK!

    T XoX

  8. Our tribe is HAWT!
    And seriously, these are BEYOND well made. The detailing is amazing. Fantasy fur has never been this soft. The buttons are even picked with care. Once you have one you will wonder how you EVER managed without it. AND you are helping protect these gorgeous creatures through the charitable donation made on behalf of your purchase.
    These animals need our help and Spirit Hoods is a company that is allowing us to look and feel amazing while helping make a difference.
    I have had mine for a while and it just gets better with age.
    Find your spirit animal and join our tribe!
    <3 T & J for their relentless determination! It has paid off with RAWR x 1000 cuteness!

    Love from your fellow leopard,

  9. Words cannot describe the cuteness/hawtness/coolness of these and how you pair look in them. I think I need to make a step up from my River Island animal hats to one of these bads boys, but oh which one should I choose?

    PS. T, I love your RAWR necklace, aces!

  10. Lara, I see you as a fox! For obvi reasons ;)

    J x

  11. WHY thank you Larakins! ;) I LOVE my NEIVZ necklace :D

    You 100% NEED one. I think either the fox (you are uber foxy) OR the Wolf!! T <3 XoX

  12. looove looove loooove the Leopard.. hat..scarf.. jacket.. the polar bar is absolutely adorable too! lovelovelove! fab. find ladies! <3


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