Charley 5.0 & Wildfox Couture Weekend Wardrobe Show & Tell!

Monday 22 November 2010

Okay, so this is pic heavy, but BF is getting better and better at taking blog worthy pics so I have to post his handiwork!

So I recently got my paws on the RIDICULOUSLY HOT Charley 5.0 Studded Mama's Boy jegs in Khaki (they fit like a dream!) and the gorgeous Charley 5.0 Once A Cheetah jacket (the lining SLAYS me!).

The new season of Charley 5.0 is the sweetest yet, if you haven't seen it, you need to get over to Revolve Clothing STAT!

Add a touch of Wildfox and a piece or two of statement jewellery to the Charley hotness and what do you get? ME!

This is the Wildfox Couture 87 tee in Black (I can only find it in Red now, at Spoiled Brat, £59.50) - I ADORE the studs on this tee, and you can see my NEIVZ Custom Necklace ($79, NEIVZ) peeking out too, I seriously never take this thing off!

Add to this my new GOGO Philip bracelet, a heavy metal and super chic open bangle with chain detail (stocked in TopShop, check the GOGO webby!) and I'm good to go!

If anyone's wondering the leo boots were from Next last year ;)

Don't you just love a good show and tell?

J - Rollin' in my Charley 5.0.


  1. I am totally overwhelmed at all the HAWTNESS squeezed in this post!

    The CHARLEY'S!!!!!! Studs and leopard?!?!?! THUD. AMAZING! They are THE only denim to even bother putting on!

    You can never go wrong with the Wildfox pairing!
    You look SO GOOD!

    ANd seriously?! A chain bearing your name? I want!

    Tell Timmy his photo skillz are very good but I think it is impossible to make you look bad!

  2. Dude trust me, it is totally possible, and generally the norm! He did really well on these ones :)
    Aren't the studded Charleys just amazeballs?!
    The NEIVZ is the shizz, a spin off from Steven Shein, I've been a fan for years and it's SUCH great quality for acrylic jewellery <3

    Mwaaahhhh x x

  3. A super HAWT look for an angel!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I feel really nice in this outfit, itsa feel gooder!

    J x


    my girl J knows how to WORK it! I love that we're pretty much twins these days-ahahaha!

    A SUPER cute combo & I love Timbos photog skillz. MWAH XoX

  6. those leopard print boots are so amazing !


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