MOAR Charley 5.0!

Monday, 22 November 2010

I just had to show another new pair of Charley 5.0's because I went on luxe alert and paired them with my L.A.M.B. Crowther heels, the gold overload looked so hot I had to pic it! The jegs have gold eyelets with a rope tie, oooh la laaaaa! Yes okay, I may have lifted that from the Jedward Nintendo ad ;)


J - I looove gooooollllllllld!!


  1. oooh la laaaaa!! indeed! Those are stunning... and the heels!!!

  2. OoOoOOOOoooO!
    I LOVE all the gold! So it is official then? Charley looks extra hot when paired with LAMB heels? I agree! And I am jealous of your shoes. That plate across the back mocks me for not getting them...

  3. Thanks both!

    It's official, L.A.M.B. loves Charley, which is also reflected when the Zeyns pair up with the Skinny Minis ;)

    I love these Crowthers, it would blow your mind if I also laid the cheetah Carlisle beside the ensemble. Seriously, it's like opening your bedroom door to find Westwick, Pattz and Olyphant ready and waiting ;)

  4. Gimme, gimme MOAR, gimme MOAR, gimme, gimme MOAR! <3

    I don't think we will ever have enough Charley 5.0 in our lives. I absolutely love the detailing on these little beauts, it's like they were made for you!

    I think L.A.M.B. & Charley go together like ramma lamma lamma ka dinga da dinga dong ;)

    I just need me some Darrel's now...

    T <3 XoX

  5. You love gold, you ARE gold. Simples!


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