Forever 21 hits the UK!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

3 years ago while in Miami, I walked into my first Forever 21 store. Since that day, I've been obsessing over it's crazy cheapness & waiting for it to grace our shores. We gave the US Topshop, it was only fair they give us Forever 21.

WELL, the wait is over!

With the day planned months in advance, @Browniekins & I took a trip to the Birmingham Bullring for the GRAND OPENING of the first ever UK Forever 21 store!

3 floors of awesome-ness, we ran past Amber Le Bon (who was prancing around & posing for pictures), to get straight to the good stuff! Grabbing a goodie bag as we sprinted into the thick of it, we were two girls on one serious shopping mission.

They had a strict 'no photography' policy but @Browniekins (always being one for danger) risked being told off by getting this undercover snap:

We were pleasantly surprised by the prices. We were scared they may do an 'Urban Outfitters' & add a HUGE mark up on their pieces- but they didn't-Hurrah. We spent 3 hours in there before lunching and returning!

Some bargains of the day:

Frayed Skinny Jeans, £21.80- F21.
The yummy @Browniekins looks adorable in her distressed skinnies. For only £20!? Scandalous!

Fame Or Love Slit Pullover Hoodie, £17.80- F21.
Rather Wildfox-esque, we can't believe how cheap this cute hoodie was! More affordable than H&M but SO much more than a basic hoodie!?

Faceted Rhinestone Oval Ring, £5.80- F21.
I spent a good 20 minutes digging through the countless bowls full of rings! So much finger candy that I had to resist from taking a whole bowl full & dumping it into my shopping bag. BLING love.

Save An Egg Tee, £7.80- F21.
After spotting this online, we scoured the store for this sweet tee & grabbed the last Small! So cheap we almost wanted to pay twice...ALMOST ;)

My goodie bag.

The whole operation seemed to be monitored by a bunch of expert Americans who were on hand and shouting orders at the Brit workers! A beautiful pint-sized American turned to me in the fitting room & asked "Are you EXCITED!?" Me: "Hell yeah!" Pint-sized beauty: "I knooooow, RIGHT!?". Gosh I love Americans.

If you aren't close enough to the Birmingham or Dublin stores (one has since opened there!), you can now shop online, which means nobody misses out! I've noticed they do deals on the webby and if you sign up to their newsletter you get 10% off your first order!

Overall, a rather productive day with tons of stylish pieces purchased! My work colleagues may think I'm crazy for taking the day off work but they just don't get it. Only a fellow fashionista would. Amazing.

T's Forever 21 dream finally came true. XoX

Images credited to Forever 21.


  1. Awww man!! Wish I could've gone...I only live a 15 minute drive away as well!! I knew if I went I would have ended up spending way to much instead I'm going when I get paid and using the excuse that I'm doing 'christmas shopping' ;)

  2. haha love it!
    Ive never heard of this store before, i'm too far away from Dublin and Birmingham so i'll be checking it out online, thanks!

    This American loves it. "Watch for the nudes." ROFL.
    Did they have the Minnie Mouse collection yet?
    So glad you have one! Now, please make this Boots thing happen in my backyard.

  4. i sooo want to go to birmingham now! woo
    follow me :)

  5. I need to visit there! Love the hoodie and the tee! x

  6. Ms Wedgie you must go! What a PERFECT excuse too- Muhahaha!

    Lucy- I can't believe it's online, it's amazing. We can all run around head to toe in uber cheapness! ;)

    Ahahahaha! YES S ;) No Minnie Mouse collection yet but now you've got this little Rawrer intrigued!? We're prepared to swap Boots for Sephora remember. MAKE IT HAPPEN ;)

    Rhonini & Lara you MUST! ALTHOUGH the London store opens next year...Eeek!!



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