T's Trip To Barbados: Part 1!

Friday, 26 July 2013

As most of you already know, I've spent the past week in beautiful Barbados! Sadly I'm now back at home and reminiscing about my awesome trip away. I took a gazillion photos, so instead of one picture heavy blog post, I figured I'd split my adventures into two separate ones (or possibly three ;).

We stayed at the Ocean Two hotel in St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church. I already had an idea of what to expect but nothing could prepare me for the awesomeness of our room, which was essentially a one bedroom luxury apartment with a sea view. Wowza.

Ocean Two Hotel Barbados

We had two TV's, a kitchen, balcony, luxurious bathroom (complete with rainfall shower) and a HUGE bed. I was actually squeeing with delight as a member of the hotel staff showed us around, she even started giggling because I was that excited. I was having a serious oh em gee moment. Just look at that view!

We arrived in the afternoon, so on the first day we just showered, relaxed and then headed to the manager's cocktail party in the bar... Free rum punch for all! The hotel had invited some cool artisans and we bought an illustration from a local artist while we sipped on free drinks.

Although I'm well-known for being a beach bum, we did have a few activities planned so we could learn more about the island in order to fully appreciate it. First up was the Island Safari Barbados!

Gun Hill Signal Station, Barbados
Island Safari Barbados
Little Bay, Barbados
Little Bay, Barbados.

Our driver Charles was extremely informative and pretty darn hilarious! We visited lots of Bajan beauty spots including Edge Cliff, Bathsheba, Little Bay and Joe's River Forest. Bathsheba beach is one of the most photographed in Barbados and my friend's mum also grew up there. It has such a dramatic coastline and it was so nice to stroll up and down the beach. 

Bathsheba selfie!
Bathsheba Beach, Barbados.

Sam & I were the only ones drinking the free 'Jungle Juice' aka rum punch. Americans are so darn classy! Who cares if it was 9am, we were on holiday and it was after noon in the UK ha ha. The scenery was breathtaking and I spotted some gorgeous hummingbirds but they were too quick for my camera. Thankfully these little sheep (seriously, they aren't goats) stayed put. Awww.

Bajan Sheep
Where Rihanna grew up in Barbados
The house where Rihanna grew up.

The above picture may look a bit random but because I'm a proud stalker fan, I can confirm this is a paparazzi style shot I took of the house where Rihanna grew up! That's right kids. It belonged to her Grandma and although she wasn't born in this area (Newcastle), she spent most of her time growing up here. WAH.

I definitely recommend this trip to everyone who's thinking of paying a visit to this incredible country. All the best countries in the worlds are small islands, fact. 

Our hotel also had its own restaurant serving tasty but simple meals. Since we had our own kitchen, we did a fair bit of self-catering. However, we still went to some delicious restaurants and bars! Stay tuned for more info on that. I will also be sneaking in the odd (evening) Barbados outfit post in between these travel ones - just to keep you fashion heads interested!

Have you ever been to Barbados before? Are you going on holiday this year?

T -  Post-Barbados blues... XoX


  1. This place seems great! Love these pics!

  2. Aaw, it looks wonderful Tara! I'm glad you had an amazing time, I knew you would! Your hotel room looked so stunning too. <3 xxx

  3. Awesome pictures!!!

    I think this will be the place a run away to when I get my first advance on a novel ;)

  4. AMAZING!!!! So excited reading all of this!!!!!! Glad you had a fab time babe ;) xoxx

  5. This looks amazing and those beaches look heavenly!

  6. It looks and sounds amazing! I've never really thought of Barbados before but now I really wanna go. I love your pap style shot of the house haha xxx

  7. Those pictures look amazing. How cool was that view from your hotel! I've never been to Barbados but would love to go, the scenery looks stunning and I love the laid back atmosphere!

    Rum punch at 9am! really... Ha I would have as well, you have to on your holidays!

    So glad you had a great time, you and your BF looked super stylin' in your barbados wear! lol


  8. I am so envious your so lucky haha these photos are beautiful and I was hoping you would make a post on your trip so really glad you did :D cant wait to see more the sea looks beautiful :') and the rocks such a pretty view really excited to hear about more and lots of photos haha <3 :D xx

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  9. Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope to see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :)
    Kisses from VV!!

  10. The beach looks magic ! I love the photos <3

  11. WOW. I'd love to go to Barbados and your pictures have made it look even nicer! By the way, I'd have taken a pic of that house too! :D lol xx

  12. Ah it looks so stunning, what a view! Perfect for relaxing :)
    I've added your blog to my blogroll, if you have a minute pleease check it out at



    Soph xx

  13. Just look at that view - amazing! Hope you had a brilliant time Tara!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Beauty Blog

  14. I'm not jealous AT all! *Cough* okay yeah I really am, that view is immense! :)
    The Quarter-life Tales of Annie Bean

  15. Eeee! Welcome home! I've been so looking forward to seeing your snaps! Please do 3 posts, the more the better! Haha! ;D
    The view from your room & that beach, WOW! So beautiful & I am so jealous! I had never even considered Barbados, but it looks so gorgeous here, it's making me really want to go! Also, I can't believe no one was drinking the punch, what is wrong with people?! It's never too early for drinks, especially on holiday!

  16. I've never been to Barbados, mainly because I think that its such a long trip to go! But its definitely in my travelling list. You seem so happy in this picture :)
    I bet you had loads of fun!
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  17. Oh my goodness this is like a dream holiday!! I've always wanted to go to Barbados and now even more, that view from your hotel is breathtaking!


  18. Looks like an amazing holiday! Great pics xx

  19. Oh this does look like paradise!

    Maria xxx

  20. Oooomagawd, it sounds/looks amazing - if I hadn't just come back from holiday myself I'd be seriously green with envy right now!

  21. Ahhhhhh, looks incredible! SO beyond jealous right now!

  22. Your holiday looks amazing. I really wanted to go on holiday this year but it's so expensive we are hoping to go to the Caribbean some time next year.

    Wow to the beach on the picture with both of you in looks breathtaking,

    Love from Kelly

  23. Amazing photos, so inspirational :)

    Ruth x


  24. ohmygosh, it's so beautiful!!! thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us! :D

    <3, Mimi

  25. Looks like you had an amazing time! I'm super jealous xx

  26. Ahh this looks like such an awesome holiday! I'd love to go to Barbados - one day! xx

  27. Woah this looks so unbelievably beautiful! Lucky you...I'd love to go there x


  28. Erm I am tooooo bloody jealous! amazing pics and you too are the cutest couple :) xx


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