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Sunday 21 July 2013

Dr Perricone Chia Serum (£59.50 for 30ml) is a revolutionary serum that has been formulated to deliver superior hydration and transform dull, dry skin. Chia is an ancient, anti-aging super food from Mexico and South America. Full of fatty acids and nutrients, Dr Perricone has taken the Chia seed and combined it with Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Pro-vitamin B5, Co-enzyme Q10 and Vitamin C, to create a highly concentrated multi-tasking serum that infuses this cocktail straight to the skin for health and vitality. Here it is! . . . 

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Despite struggling with a spot prone face, I have quite dry body skin (literally starting at my neck and ending at my ankles) so I was intent on seeing if this serum could solve my body woes. Chia Serum has so many different uses for the face and body. It smells like almonds, and you can apply it in so many different ways such as directly from the bottle, mixed with body lotion or facial moisturiser, over another treatment and even under or over make-up, so I tried a few out over the past 10 days with wonderful results.

Problem 1 - Dry, flaky skin on neck. 
I have no clue why my neck has recently started getting so dry I find it peeling and flaking, but it has been driving me crazy, and is quite ugly and embarrassing. I've had this problem for about a month and I tried applying more of my usual facial and body moisturisers but nothing was hitting the spot. 
Apply a drop or two of Chia Serum directly from the bottle, warm between palms and apply to the whole neck, massaging in until absorbed and repeat twice a day after showering. It literally got rid of the problem on the first day, and after 3 days I noticed that the skin on my neck was totally soft and supple so I reduced the application to once a day. 10 days later and it's like the dry spell had never happened, hurrah!

Problem 2 - Itchy, shaving rash on lower legs.
I shave my legs every day so of course that area is going to get a little tetchy with me but this darn itchy shaving rash just won't be tamed and it's summer so I need to get my legs out! I've tried body lotions and even rash creams but they just irritate it even more.
Applying 2-4 drops to each leg twice a day straight after showering for 5 days sorted the original irritated areas out, then I just added a drop to my usual amount of body lotion (Nivea) after that and fingers crossed, the rash hasn't been back since and my shins feel lovely and smooth now. I don't remember a time when they felt this good actually!

Problem 3 - Mid-afternoon dry facial skin.
I work in an office and despite using a good BB cream base, I often find that by mid afternoon the atmosphere has made it dry out causing some dry, peeling spots between my eyebrows, on the sides of my nose and chin. 
I was sceptical about using Chia Serum OVER my make-up, I figured it would just ruin it to be honest, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Just 1 drop into my palm, then lightly tapped into the offending areas by fingertip, sorted this problem out in a snap without ruining the rest of my make-up or needing to re-apply and leaving a fresh, dewy glow. This is such a make-up bag saviour that I'm going to decant a small amount into another container so I can keep the original bottle safe in the bathroom!

Problem 4 - Dry, white cuticle skin.
I had been struggling with dry cuticles for a while, probably caused by overuse of nail polish remover and bleach, and an underuse of hand/nail cream. Oops, totally my bad. Even using a cuticle oil daily wasn't really working.
This is one I discovered by chance, simply because I'd been applying concentrated Chia Serum to my body every day with my hands! Both my hands and cuticles have transformed and I wasn't even trying! I imagine Chia would make fine work of my feet in the same way, with the help of some overnight socks, so I might give that a whirl next.

We're all different and this is one hell of a multi-tasking product. It's expensive yes, but I've solved 4 problems in the last 10 days meaning I won't have to keep buying and trying other products, and I've only used approximately one fifth of the bottle's contents! 

I'm definitely starting to appreciate the benefits of expensive skincare and the prices don't scare me anymore. I figure that I'd think nothing of dropping £100+ on a pair of shoes that I'd probably wear twice a month, or £50 on a special perfume (which doesn't last forever!) so why do I grimace when I consider buying a skincare product that is more than £25?! When something works, and Dr Perricone Chia Serum definitely does for me, then the benefits for my skin far outweigh the hit on my purse, and this makes me just as happy as a new dress does :)

J - Chia convert.


  1. I've never heard of it before and judging by this review it sounds amazing!

  2. This definitely sounds like it's worth splashing out on...love a good multitasker! xxx


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