Truffle Shuffle Wishlist! This Could Get Messy . . .

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The sun always brings out the playful side of me, and that means a good nosey at Truffle Shuffle for some fun fashion! Cue the wishlist! . . . 

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1. TS EXCLUSIVE My Little Pony Sweater from Mr Gugu and Miss Go - £39.99. Oh my Patz, it's just so amazing. I'd keep it simple with ripped boyfriend jeans and retro trainers!

2. Hollywood Shipwreck Icon Life Series TShirt - £19.99. LEO. We swoon now and we definitely swooned then! I think he's just asking to be paired with some khaki cut offs and white pumps. Take me to the beach!

3. Gold Plated Mickey Mouse Silhouette Bracelet from Gogo Philip - £14.99. Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, HEY MICKEY! 

4. R2D2 Star Wars Tin Tote - £8.99. As a teen I had an adorable pink DKNY tin tote that I would carry as a handbag. As a grown woman I really want to carry one that looks like a cheeky droid that bleeps. Go figure.

5. Ladies Supergirl Nightdress with Cape - £19.99. I don't think I have to explain this one. It has a cape?!

6. Grace Slave To The Rhythm Tshirt - £24.99. I LOVE Grace. She's a sharp dressing, eccentric style icon and her music roared. This tee would look awesome over some sequin leggings and fierce boots for a night out. Pull up to the bumper baby!

Like anything you see? 

J - Daddy, I want a Truffle Shuffle!


  1. That R2D2 Tin Tote is MY kinda thing, bloody love it!

    Megan xxx
    Thumbelina Lillie | UK Fashion Blog

  2. Replies
    1. My boyfriend would freak if I got it haha! Nerds ;)

  3. That Superman night dress is a-maz-ing! Haha! :) I've linked you in my profile as one of the blogs I read daily, hope that's okay!
    Lot's of love xxxx

  4. Ahh the Mickey bracelet is SO CUTEEEE! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. That first blouse is amazing! I love it <3


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