Stella & Dot: Bristol Street Style

Monday 21 August 2017

Ahhh, gingham. I bought this gingham midi dress a few months back and it was a welcome edition to my wardrobe. I had to adjust the straps slightly (New Look, what were you thinking!?) but it's the perfect casual frock. Do you agree? Yesterday I made my way to the beautiful Bristol harbourside to take these shots... I've really missed taking outfit photos. My absence has been down to a combination of bad weather and social summer weekends! I promise to make more of an effort before it's winter and outside snaps are a thing of the past. British problems.

Today I'm back styling some beautiful jewellery from Stella & Dot. I've known about this cute brand for a few years but it wasn't until recently that I got my mitts on some of their stylish pieces. Their awesome PR team sent me a selection of items to feature and considering it's really difficult to guess someone else's jewellery style, they nailed it!

Autumn 2017 Street Style

Stella and Dot Crescent Necklace
Gingham New Look Midi Dress
Stella and Dot Simple Knot Cuff
Bristol Fashion Influencer
Stella and Dot Luna Necklace
pave triangle path ear climber

Dress: New Look - Jewellery: Stella & Dot (c/o) - Hat: Levis

My favourite piece is the Luna pendant necklace because as mentioned in previous posts, I have a weakness for celestial jewellery! I also really like that it's silver and gold - I'm a big fan of mixed metals. It has quite a weight to it and like all Stella & Dot pieces, comes in the most beautiful packaging. This particular style is fantastic for layering and the length is adjustable.

I was also sent a lovely simple knot bracelet in gold, it's such a sweet bangle and again, great for layering. I'd really love the silver version so I could stack them up! This would make such a nice present (is it wrong that I'm thinking about Christmas already!?). My final gift was the pavé triangle path ear climber earrings, in silver. Ear climbers are hella cool but my favourite thing about this style is that they look great worn as drop earrings - my preferred earring style. They look like little lightning bolts when worn this way! I have seen a few bloggers wear them as intended and they look great too, Stella & Dot pieces are just so darn versatile.

In life news, I'm 5 weeks into Sweat with Kayla and it's going well! Aside from the weight loss, I'm feeling stronger and more fit which is what it's all about. I'm really excited about my health journey! I'm considering writing about this in an upcoming blog post because I'm pretty sure I'm becoming one of those weirdos who loves working out. HA.

Finally, I wasn't sure if I should mention this but shortly after these photos were taken (my photographer and I had left), there was a gas explosion on the boat next to this jetty. Two people were on board and sadly injured - my heart goes out to them and I wish them a speedy recovery.

- T

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