Retro Perfumes - Babe and Goya Black Rose

Friday 24 November 2017

Last year I got all giddy when I discovered that my 90's teen fragrance of choice 'Tribe' had been re-released, so this year I was super intrigued to hear that a few other retro perfumes had been re-formulated and re-released much to the joy of their old fans too. It's a fab idea, not all fragrances have a couture design house behind them to keep them going, so they tend to disappear over the years though it seems their memory lingers on!

First up is 'Babe', which I actually remember my older cousins wearing. As a little kid I would sit at their shared dressing table trying on lipsticks and spraying glitter hairspray and perfume while they pulled taffeta and net dresses from their amazing wardrobes! Like most 70's/80's fragrance it was quite strong but feminine, like a good shoulderpad. The bottle is so kitsch and a perfect addition to your instagram props, file under 80's Glam. 

What I love about this one is that fans on social media helped to recreate it, so there was obviously a lot of them out there. Do some digging with your 40+ rellies, friends and colleagues to see if they remember this classic beauty gem and maybe it would make the perfect Christmas gift this year!

Babe perfume

c/o Babe Perfume

'Goya Black Rose' is one I was not familiar with at all, but just loved the sound of because I adore that sweet rose scent (Diptyque Eau Rose is one of my faves) and I had to wonder how rose glamour was represented in the 50's! The original formula for this perfume was only recently rediscovered, meaning that this new version is as true to the original as it could be. At first I was a bit unsure because it does actually have that vintage feel to it, not unpleasant at all but just from another era, like you've just found it in your grandmother's attic? It settles into a rather individual but attractive powdery rose musk scent. It definitely transports you to another time, I could practically feel my waist tighten in my tailored skirt suit. Many fans have expressed feeling a certain comfort from it's scent, bringing back memories of their mothers, which is a lovely thing to get from a fragrance I think. I get that from Dior's Poison, which was my mum's favourite, and I'm lucky that it will probably be around forever.

Goya Black Rose

c/o Goya Black Rose

You can check out my review of 'Tribe' from last year too, it's still definitely my favourite of these three retro perfumes but I just love this trend of reformulating and re-releasing discontinued fragrances. Are there any you would like to see back on sale? What fragrances evoke memories for you?

J xoxo

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