FENTY Beauty by Rihanna Review: Harvey Nichols Exclusive

Friday 27 October 2017

Pour it up, pour it up, watch it all fall out! Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that last month Rihanna launched her first makeup range, FENTY Beauty. I was invited to the pre-launch at Harvey Nichols Bristol but I couldn't attend as I was partying in Brighton at one of my best friends' hen do. Luckily for me, the team knew I was a HUGE Rihanna fan and sent me a couple of items to review.

I've seen Rihanna perform twice, and both times I was in awe of her beauty. Her makeup is always flawless. When I visited Barbados a few years ago, after winning a giveaway she ran with HTC (while drenched in Rihanna x River Island), I SQUEED when my tour guide stopped outside her family home. Before she was famous she also used to be best friends with one of my best friend's cousin's best friend. YEAH. So we've always had a connection.

First impressions? The packaging is incredible. It reminds me of an edgier KKW Beauty. I soon discovered her products are for women of ALL colours as it boasts 20 shades of concealer and 40 different foundation shades. Yes, 40!


Rihanna Makeup Range Review

The amazing Patricia Ekall, a local blogger from Bath, wrote an article on her experience at the UK FENTY Beauty event in Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. Thanks to the huge range of foundation colours, she was able to find the perfect shade for her dark brown complexion. She even met Rihanna who commented on the perfect colour match. I felt myself well up while I was reading this and I encourage you to quickly check it out. This new beauty range is inclusive and genuinely gives me warm and fuzzies.

I received the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Unicorn (£21) and the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo (£26) in Girl Next Door and Chic Freak. Harvey Nichols knows me so well.

fenty beauty unicorn match stix shimmer skinstick

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Unicorn: c/o Harvey Nichols

Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick

These shimmer sticks come in 10 different colours. The stick itself is magnetised so as you buy more, they will stick together. I also love the shape! The shimmer skinsticks are for highlighting, contouring and using as blusher. Rihanna suggests thinking of them as clothes in your wardrobe, which you select depending on your mood. I really like this idea, I definitely dress to suit my mood so why should my makeup be any different?

At £21 it's not cheap but I was impressed by the packaging, light weight formula and longevity. I also like how it feels on my skin. Unicorn is "all-out violet iridescence"! I tend to play it safe with my makeup choices but this looks scarier in the packaging, I love the shimmer effect on my fair skin.

fenty beauty killawatt freestyle highlighter duo review

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak: c/o Harvey Nichols

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo 

The names of these products are awesome! There are six Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters available (£26), four different duos and two solos. Each duo has a subtle sheen on the left for everyday wear and a more intense shimmer on the right, for an evening look.

I was sent the Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak combo, a soft pink next to a shimmery peach/pink shade. Although these highlighters are suitable for all skin tones, this is definitely the one I would've picked for myself.

So what does Rihanna say about them?

“You can use this on any part of your face; your eyes, your cheeks, your nose bridge, your collarbone. I like to use it on my body as well because it's such a high shine. You look at it and think, ‘Is it going to deliver? Is it going to deliver?’ Then – BAM! – it delivers!”

These cream-powder highlighters are just dreamy. I've been using the same blusher and highlighter combo for years (thanks Benefit) but now I'm hella keen to try out this entire range. It blends really well and doesn't look too heavy on my skin. Below I'm wearing Girl Next Door on my cheeks and Chic Phreak on my eyes.

Fenty Beauty Harvey Nichols Bristol
Fenty Beauty Girl Next Door

Apologies in advance for the HD photo! I'm also wearing the Unicorn shimmer skinstick - the great thing about this particular product is that it can be layered to make more of a statement! It's hard to tell from these photos but I've used it as a highlighter. I'm really excited to play with it to create a night look... I also loved how Rihanna wore it for the UK launch event - she looked FIERCE.

So the verdict? I'm a big fan of these two products and I'm ALL about Fenty! I've popped a few products on my Christmas wishlist because I need more. I'm also loving the brand new Galaxy Collection... I definitely need a Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick in my Christmas stocking. Jade was also sent some products so stay tuned for her review coming soon.

Have you tried Fenty Beauty? - T

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