Joanie Clothing: Flirty Fifties Prom Dress

Wednesday 18 October 2017

I'm all about leather, faux fur and skulls but I do have a softer side, and sometimes I gravitate towards more feminine, romantic styles. In the past, I've described my style as eclectic - I just like a bit of everything and dress to suit my mood. This Joanie Ria Prom Dress has been hanging in my wardrobe since the summer. I wanted to wear it for a special occasion or a wedding, but the right situation never presented itself.

Fast forward to a warm autumn day and me throwing caution into the wind by slipping into this fabulous fifties number. Within 30 seconds of stepping outside my door, I received a "Wow, that dress is BEAUTIFUL", from a friendly (American neighbour). Gosh, you've gotta love Americans. With a spring in my step, I headed to the Bristol Harbourside to meet a friend for some Sunday fun. 

Joanie Ria Red Floral Prom Dress

50s Style Dresses
Mi Moneda Ring
Joanie Clothing UK

Dress: Joanie - Shoes: New Look - Bracelets: Melinda Maria at JewelStreet - Ring: Mi Moneda 

I ordered the size 8 in this dress and when it first arrived, I was grateful because it looked HUGE on the hanger. It actually has zero give in it so comes up pretty true to size but luckily for me, there's a lot of extra room for booty. I just adore the volume as it really accentuates my waist.

I've seen quite a lot of talk about Joanie on Twitter, and they have some incredible vintage styles. I've just had a look at their sale (this frock is now half price at £22.50) and I've spotted so many dresses I'd love in my life. I'm trying to limit my spending this month as we're still paying off Canada, but I am a little tempted to look for a Christmas frock when payday finally rolls around. Which reminds me, I can't wait to buy some more festive gifts and work on my personal wishlist. This year I want ALL the Fresh 'Sugar' lip tints and Charlotte Tilbury make up. 

I finished my look with some bracelets from Melinda Maria (I ordered them from JewelStreet which is an awesome jewellery site) and my trusty Mi Moneda ring. A few years ago I was Mi Moneda obsessed, my collection is still pretty darn healthy and I'm keen to get a few new coins to use with this particular ring.

How would you describe your style? Would you wear a dress like this? - T

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