Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn - The Beauty Products I'll Be Taking Into The New Season

Sunday 1 October 2017

So here we are in October and the start of a colder season, which for a lot of us means a switch up in beauty products such as a heavier face cream maybe, or a vampier, darker lippy. There are a few bits that I discovered in the summer that are so good that I just can't let them go, so I thought I'd share them with you. My keepers!

First up is the Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips, hailing from US beauty mothership Sephora, this fiery lip plumper has been a big hit in the US, and also in my makeup bag this summer. I don't have really thin lips, but as I've got older I have noticed them getting less pouty shall we say, and I've tried a few plumpers in the past but none have really thrilled me, until now - yey!

No Thin Lips is a smooth, clear gloss that can be worn alone, or under/over lip colour and contains Aloe and Vitamin E to keep lips hydrated. I apply it on my bare lips while I'm doing my eye and skin makeup to give it time to react before I reach my lips. I've found that it works best if you apply it slightly over your natural lip line, and yes it tingles but it's not deeply uncomfortable like some others I've tried (ouch!), think cinnamon hot, not fires from the depths of hell hot. As it works you'll see your lips turn a pretty natural pink, plumping out fine lines and generally looking fuller. When it's time to make up my lips I give them a gentle blot (not enough to take it all off mind) and start with my liner. It definitely makes it easier to line lips and I find that any lippy of choice sits better, even the matte ones. Now don't get me wrong, don't be expecting Kylie Jenner lips here, but it does what it says on the box and at around £15 it doesn't break the bank either. You can find it over here in Superdrug, Oliver Bonas and Lloyds Pharmacy if you fancy giving it a go. 

P.S. If you kiss someone after application, even with another lippy on top, turns out they can feel the tingle too. I kissed my man goodbye one morning last week and he was like, J, what have you got on your lips?! Luckily Red Hot candies are one of his fave US sweets so no harm done ;)

Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips Review
Know Cosmetics No Thin Lips Review

Next up is the Diptyque Eau Rose Body Lotion, £32 for 200ml. I bought this early in the summer after winning a candle and finding a few Diptyque samples in the box, they were all beaut but I really fell for the scent of Eau Rose. You're probably thinking urgh, old lady smell, but honestly, it's more like turkish delight and chocolate, super sweet and feminine, and the scent lasts forever on your skin. I would have the full range of this and wear it everyday whilst burning the candle, but alas I am not made of money. Oh life!

Diptyque Eau Rose Body Lotion Review

Another must have is the Aveda Shampure dry shampoo. I was lucky and was gifted one of these on a recent blogger trip to the fab Aveda Blow Dry Bar in Debenhams Liverpool, but it retails at £23.50. £23.50 sounds a lot for a dry shampoo, but it's lasted a good 2 months of every other day usage so far and there seems to be a lot more in there so I'm definitely getting my pounds per wear out of this bad boy. It's a non-aerosol powder mist, so basically you squeeze the bottle and it poofs out like talc. This takes a bit of practice but I've mastered it now and can confidently get dressed in black before application ;) It smells amazing and is also handy to give freshly blown hair a bit of last minute, lasting volume. Fine holiday fun, two thumbs up.

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo Review

Finally, and don't laugh, I can't get enough of Loreal Colorista Dirty Pink. It's a £6ish washout hair colour and I've been tipping my ombre caramel blonde ends with it all summer to compliments ahoy. I've bought so many of these that I probably could have got it done permanently and professionally at a salon for the amount I've spent on this product, but who has the commitment for that when you can be Jerrica in the working week and Jem at the weekends? One tube does about 6 inches of hair, twice, and it really does wash out without trace in about 3 or 4 washes. There's loads more colours to choose from, but Dirty Pink is perfect for me (Peach looked pretty awful against my caramel tones, and Pink was too light), definitely one I recommend trying if permanent home hair dye scares the bejiggity out of you.

Loreal Colorista Dirty Pink Review

So those were a few of my favourite things. Did you do any summer loving with new beauty products that have become firm favourites since? 

J xoxo

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