FENTY Beauty by Rihanna Review : Harvey Nichols Exclusive Part 2

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Last month Rihanna released her long awaiting cosmetic line, FENTY Beauty, and the world rejoiced. An all inclusive range of skin, eye and lip products for everyone (40 shades of foundation - 40!), FENTY has gone down a storm and the positive reviews just keep pouring in for all the right reasons, it's pretty epic. We were sent a few items to review, and this is part 2 of that feature!

The packaging is sleek, simple and modern, but the weighty quality of a premium product is there. I LOVE the shade names, they're 100% Rihanna. As a teen one of my dream jobs was to name lipstick and eyeshadow shades and now I'm aspiring to it again!

Anyway, first up is Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo (£26) in Mean Money/Hu$tla Baby. Mean Money is a soft champagne sheen, and Hu$tla Baby is a supercharged peachy champagne shimmer. The brand encourages multi-use with the products, so along with the usual cheekbones and nose highlighter use, these shades look really good used on the body (shoulders, legs and decolletage) and eyes. 

FENTY Beauty Killawatt Mean Money Hu$tla Baby Review

Mean Money is pretty, but Hu$tla Baby is the real star, it's GOLD and I felt like a superstar with it doing it's thing on my cheekbones! The finish is so smooth and application is a dream. I was also impressed with how long it lasted, literally all day, I was still glinting at 8pm. I would definitely repurchase and after having a look at swatches from other shades in the range, I actually think this is the duo for me.

FENTY Beauty Killawatt Mean Money Hu$tla Baby Review

The Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick (£21) in Chili Mango, a sun-kissed orange sheen. Like Tara, I also love the magnetised packaging and the idea that they all stick together, a dressing table dream! Now I do not normally go for this type of product, I find them a tad unhygienic and usually end up throwing them out after a while but Rihanna recommends it, plus I'm a sucker for orange shades, and who am I to argue ;) 

FENTY Beauty Match Stix Chili Mango Review

First off, it is ridiculously versatile, I put it everywhere! I don't understand how one product can work on every skin surface, but it does. I started with using it as a bronzer, sun kissing my nose, cheekbones and chin - CHECK. Then I got busy on my eyes popping it on my lids for that wet look, fresh and dewy look - CHECK. Next I stained my lips with it, it wasn't even slightly drying and left a very pretty velvet finish - CHECK. By now I was practically colouring myself in with it so I tried it on my collarbones and yep, you guessed it - CHECK! So now I'm thinking yes, I could do with more of this in my life, especially Tara's Unicorn shade!

FENTY Beauty Match Stix Chili Mango Review

This is my finished FENTY face using my everyday foundation, mascara and brow products, and these two FENTY products. It's a super natural, fresh and healthy look. My skin is glowing, accentuated by the gold highlighter and the orange kiss. It also lasted all day, and for such a light, dewy look this is pretty impressive. My holiday cosmetic bag just got ten times smaller. I love it, and they are so easy to use. 

FENTY Beauty Review

FENTY Beauty: Harvey Nichols (c/o)

What do you think? Is this something you have your eye on, or can you recommend any other products and shades from the range? 

FENTY Beauty is available from Harvey Nichols, with the new Galaxy Holiday collection out now (spoiler alert - it's amazing).

J xoxo

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