My Boho Wedding: The Great Tythe Barn, Cotswolds

Thursday 18 August 2016

We got married on 16th May 2016 at The Great Tythe Barn, in Tetbury. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I know it's a cliché but it really was the best day of my life. We wanted an African/English fusion wedding in the Cotswolds with a somewhat boho theme... Something relatively small (100 people ish) with all our absolute favourites. 

The run up the wedding was pretty stressful as I didn't take any time off beforehand (something I don't recommend) but from the moment I woke up in the morning, I forgot all my worries and had a perfect day. The sun came out, the florists worked their magic on the barn and everything ran pretty much to plan. We had a few hiccups (the ceremony was slighty delayed as Sam's mum got stuck behind a tractor & some other minor issues) but it really didn't matter. We did it!

Boho Bridal Bouquet

Cotswolds Barn Wedding
Bridal Flowers Tetbury
May UK Wedding Flowers
May Bridal Bouquet
Cotswolds Wedding Venue
Boho Bridesmaid Bouquets
Tetbury Wedding Flowers
Great Tythe Barn Tetbury
African Gift Table
Boho Dream Catchers Wedding
The Great Tythe Barn Tetbury
African UK Wedding
Boho Wedding UK
Cotswolds Wedding Inspiration
Scentiments Tetbury Interflora Wedding
African Inspired Wedding Cake
Image credit: Rob Tarren

Venue: The Great Tythe Barn, Tetbury, Cotswolds
Flowers: Scentiments, Tetbury, Cotswolds - Interflora
Photography: Rob Tarren

I was lucky enough to win my flowers from Interflora in a Pinterest giveaway - if you've ever wondered what £2,000 worth of lowers look like, this is it - and Scentiments our florist in Tetbury helped create my vision. Unfortunately we couldn't make a KimYe flower wall happen (oh to be a millionaire) but I was more than happy with the epic flower arrangement the team conjured up. They completely understood what I was after and after meeting them a few times, I trusted them to pretty much do their own thing.

We hand made dream catchers, spent about 16 hours making paper tassels and even had Steph of FAIIINT whip up a rose gold sequin table cloth for our gift table. There are a few details missing from these snaps (a specially designed table plan and lots of extra African bits etc) but hopefully you get the gist. Sam's sister made the most incredible African wedding cake which had 4 layers - Caribbean rum & fruit, lemon, carrot and chocolate. Unfortunately by the time we took a break at midnight - it had pretty much gone. Can you believe it!? Our guests had scoffed the lot - including the top tier. It looked pretty though before they demolished it. HELLO gold leaf.

We had an incredible photographer, videographer and the best wedding band ever - the Simon Faulkner Band. Maddy of Wedding Paint made sure I was looking my prettiest and my 5 bridesmaids helped things run smoothly on the big day. We were surrounded by our loved ones (special shout out to my awesome mum) and had the best party EVER. 

We made sure we only hired people/suppliers we could trust and it paid off. Rebecca of the Great Tythe Barn was an absolute star. Even our registrar was the best - he kept the ceremony lighthearted and everyone commented how chilled the whole thing seemed. Success.

My top wedding tip? Don't sweat the small stuff. Things will go wrong but don't worry about it. Enjoy every moment because before you know it, it will be over. Oh and make sure you pick a dress you can eat and dance in - I TORE UP the dancefloor.

T - Now planning our vow renewal ceremony.

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