Rawr Girls Interview: The Designer Behind Australian Brand Unreal Fur!

Tuesday 10 September 2013

Our friends at The Dressing Room recently introduced us to the awesome Australian brand Unreal Fur, which they're stocking this autumn/winter. Jade & I both big fans of faux fur and we couldn't help but swoon all over the lookbook pictures we were sent. We were lucky enough to interview the brand's talented designer, Gilat Shani. Read on to find out all about this fabulous brand...

Genesis Unreal Fur
Why did you start Unreal Fur?

Unreal Fur was born out of a love of design and all things beautiful, alongside a growing concern about the ethics behind the fashion industry. I started working with faux fur materials 15 years ago, developing accessories for some of Australia’s major retailers. With the advances technology has made resulting in higher quality, lush and diverse faux furs, it was time to start my own brand. It’s also a fantastic creative release!

Faux Fur Cape
Where do you get your inspiration from?

I source inspiration from anywhere and everywhere! I look to nature – from farm animals to wild creatures and wilderness. I love to attend music festivals and “people-watch” their diverse, creative patrons. And of course my team of wonderful free-spirited staff – each with their own personal style!

Northern Aurora Cape Unreal Fur
We've been swooning over some of your current styles, do you have a favourite?

Thank you! Hearing that people from all around the world love our range never gets old. My personal favourite is the Wanderlust Coat, I love to wear it as a dress with printed tights and boots – or belted for a winter glam look.

Raven Coat by Unreal Fur
Are there any particular trends we should be looking out for this A/W?

Patchworking will be big this season. Mixing and matching different faux furs, from texture to colour to pile length! We’ve subtly tied this trend into our range through the use of teaming up different furs in the one piece, for example our Raven coat plays on varying textures with faux fur imitation rabbit and tiered medium length pile black faux fur. 

Another big trend we see is metallic – the perfect magical touch to any outfit and is sure to bring out the feminine spirit in all women.

Fire and Ice Faux Fur Jacket
Who are your celebrity style icons?

To be honest, we admire any celebrity or designer that pledges fur-free – one of my personal favourites though would be Stella McCartney.

Delicious Jacket Unreal Fur
Tell us something we don't know about Unreal Fur!

One, that each and every Unreal Fur piece is cut individually by hand! And two, that my beautiful Golden Retriever, Cosma, is a daily contributor to my team and inspiration! He comes to the office with me every day and is a constant reminder that we are working towards a greater cause and that each and every person can make small steps to create change.

Thank you Gilat for answering our questions! We desperately want to get our paws on some of her incredible creations, her combination of passion and talent has created the most gorgeous faux fur brand out there.

The new Unreal Fur collection launched yesterday at The Dressing Roomif you do end up buying a piece, please let us know! Do you have a favourite style?

T - Eyeing up the Furry Floss jacket... XoX


  1. I enjoy reading interviews like this, and being introduced to designers. :-)great post! I do find myself eyeing up faux fur coats, have yet to buy one though x

    1. Thanks Christina, I also like reading these types of posts so it was a pretty exciting opportunity! A good faux fur coat is just what AW13 ordered. ;) x

  2. Great post, love them coats! I like fur and her idea it's great for sustainability, faux furs are the best! xx

  3. Wow, those coats are amazing and so stylish! I love that her dog is so involved in the creative process! lol

    1. So beautiful aren't they? Hehe, really cute. :)

  4. These look gorgeous! And I love that her dog serves as inspiration haha xxx

    1. Me too haha! They look so expensive and delicious :)

  5. I love a bit of faux fur in winter time, especially cute little collars. It's awesome to see you guys supporting faux fur too! xxx

  6. So so great that they are all faux! And they look gorgeous. There are such great alternatives to real fur I don't know why anyone still wears real! No excuse really is there. <3

    Sarah-Jane xo

  7. Loved this post! So many beautiful pieces, have my eye on the black one & the dip dye one too! I will never understand how people can buy/promote real fur when there are such great alternatives like this out there. These look so expensive, luxe & warm too, there really is no excuse to buy real!

    1. Exactly, THIS! I can imagine Nico being your inspiration to create faux fur masterpieces haha. ;)

  8. Such gorgeous pieces! What a great brand :) xx


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