Wednesday, 23 May 2012

31 Day Fashion Blogger Challenge - Day 23 - Something From Your Favourite Store . . .

Why it's TK Maxx of course!!

My local TK is a safe haven for the female boss and I (not Tulisa thank god, but my actual real life office manager and good friend, D!). When we've had a tough morning in the man's world that is our place of work, we enjoy nothing more than a lunchtime mooch around TK Maxx. So here for your viewing pleasure is a taste of the stuff we have found on a few of those trips out :)

Hunter boots, £49.99 - YUM!

Melissa Odabash gold swimsuit, £12.99 - we literally felt like we had robbed the store with this one.

A flurry (yes I do believe that is the official plural term) of House of Holland x Pretty Polly tights, £3.99 each - this is becoming a regular occurance in TK, you need to check it out!

Cute one off top that was never to be seen again in another size (grrr D!), £9.99 - raver-tastic, looks hella cute with denim cut offs I imagine, though I wouldn't know seeing as I didn't get my paws on it ;)

TK is a lifestyle for me. I'm lucky because my local store is amazeballs, everything is super neat and well laid out, and considering we are only a small town it gets some ridiculous labels and unusual goodies in there. You must utilise your local TK, don't just go straight for the big city centre ones, they get ransacked every single day so a #FabFind is harder to snaffle. Check out your local store, you'll be pleasantly surprised! TK Maxx forever!!

J - Lunchtime Maxxing.


  1. I love TK Maxx! And infact today I won a £100 giftcard for it :P Be jealous!! xx

    1. Ooooooh very jealz! The things I could do with £100 at TK! :D

  2. You are so lucky! I swear I never find stuff like this in my local!

    1. C I would hook you up anytime you like ;)

    2. Ahaha! One of each pair of tights? Or one of each of the above? ;)

    3. I love everything in the post! Can't believe you found hunters and mellisa odabash. I'll take your skills too.


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