Mi Moneda Valentine's Collection and Fred's Shoes!

Thursday 12 February 2015

Another day, another outfit post featuring some epic jewellery! One of my favourite jewellery brands is Mi Moneda. I have a whole treasure chest full of their 'Monedas' (or coins) and have a coin holder in every size. I am addicted. To celebrate Valentine's day, they've teamed up with UK jewellery store Fraser Hart and created some exclusive Valentine's coins! Like a lot of their coins, these special Monedas are double sided, so can be worn in different ways.

I love doubling up my Monedas and I think this combination is the cutest. My favourite side has 'Key to my Heart' written on it, but the adorable 'XOXO' face makes me think of Gossip Girl so I really like both! It is only available in the large size but also comes in silver and rose gold. These coins are limited edition so I'd definitely nab one while you can if you're a fan! I paired mine with the medium sized Domes Gold Flake Coin from the new collection. Super sparkly, right? ;)

Mi Moneda Valentines Collection
Mi Moneda Necklace
Valentines Moneda
Mi Moneda Domes Gold Flake Coin
Fred's Shoes Review
Dance Fred's ShoesJacket: HIDE label - Blouse: River Island - Jeans: Meltin' Pot - Fred's Shoes c/o - Mi Moneda Valentine's Coin: c/o Fraser Hart - Gold Flake Coin: c/o Mi Moneda 

I wore this outfit at the weekend and decided to keep it quite simple by opting for some black skinnies, a black blouse and leather jacket combo! My sweet leather fringed bag was a gift from Jade and my incredible shoes are by new footwear brand, Fred's shoes! I was first introduced to them last year, when I visited Pure London. They're based in Shropshire and my beautiful Oxford shoes were handmade in Portugal. The fit of these Dance Fred's is perfect! They feel like soft leather ballet shoes and are so light on my feet, I almost feel as if I'm not wearing shoes. They really are perfect for dancing.

I genuinely haven't felt this excited about a brand in a long time. Last week, Steph & I were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of their new collection at PLFM London... SPOILER ALERT: they will soon be launching a range of hella stylish (think old school) trainers! Every blogger will want them. Tara-uth. Designer Vic is such a warm and friendly person, she's extremely talented but still really grounded! As Steph & I are a pair of chatterboxes, we ended up talking to Vic for hours over tea and biscuits. Best press day ever.

Will you be buying a Mi Moneda coin for Valentine's day? Are you pro-comfortable footwear?

T - Works 60 seconds away from a Fraser Hart so will probably be buying a new Mi Moneda coin tomorrow! ;)


  1. Those coins are stunning, I love the Gossip Girl vibes! :D Also, your shoes are amazing and look great with your outfit :)



  2. Nice look, I love all black and these shoes are pretty cool, too :)

  3. Loving this edgy all black look! Those shoes are fabulous and I love that necklace!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  4. Gingi Edmonds Freeman12 February 2015 at 14:07

    Wow, I LOVE your style!!! So cutting edge! <3 - www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  5. I can't get over how beautiful the Mi Moneda coins are - they are super gorgeous! They make every outfit seem extra special :) xxx

  6. The gold flake coin is just so pretty. Comfy shoes are always the best, especially when they look good too.
    Rubi | The Den | http://www.the-den.blogspot.com

  7. That is some really beautiful jewelry! I feel like it's timeless but also large enough to be a statement piece. And I love the mixing of metallics.

    x Kathryn
    Through the Thicket

  8. Ohh the gold flake coin is so beautiful <3

  9. So great your look the shoes are so lovely and also really love your jacket!


  10. I absolutely love the coins, and the shoes are also very cool. Stylish and elegant! <3 x/Madison
    Burlap Beauties

  11. Gorgeous outfit and lovely jewellery - thanks for sharing <3

    I have a Valentines Day outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  12. Love these coins! x

  13. love the all black outfit! really suits you :) x

  14. love the jewelry and the shoes!

  15. I love the gold dust Moneda! Great look :) xx

  16. That necklace is beyond beautiful! I love the length of the chain, and I love that you can choose whichever coins you love xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  17. great shoes;)

    PS: I would like to invite to you to join my giveaway, would be great if you would participate:)


  18. I can't decide what I like better, the necklace or the shoes :)


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