Tartan at Tightsplease! Red or Dead Kiele!

Sunday 20 October 2013

I love the tartan trend and I've been after a nice pair of tartan tights for a few weeks now so when Tightsplease sent me a little package and I spied these Red or Dead Kiele bad boys I was like, weeeeeeeeeeeee! 

These are the Petrol colour, a cool royal blue with red and grey check and they match my fave bag and hat combo perfectly, so it didn't take too much thought to run with an all black outfit to really make them pop :) Please excuse the photo quality of the first pic, I'm still struggling with taking pics using phones since my cameras (yes, plural!) died. Sometimes it works but lately the harsh dull autumn light just doesn't want to play ball. TUT! Anyhoo, this is a Liverpool shopping outfit, and note the lack of coat because yep, it THREW it down at about 4pm. Note to self, bowler hats do not protect you like an umbrella does . . .  ;)

Outfit: Jumper - F21, Skirt - Oasis, Boots - Debenhams, Hat - H&M, Bag - Zatchels, Tights - c/o Tightsplease.

uk style and fashion blog tights please tartan tights zatchels

They are so silky smooth and rich in colour even when stretched on your leg. I think it's definitely worth paying a bit more for tights because you get so much more from them when they're better quality. These ones retail at £13 which isn't bad at all, and there's a choice of Grey, Petrol or Prune. They held their shape all day (knee and ankle bunching is a real pet hate of mine!) and I'm really impressed!

uk style and fashion blog tights please tartan tights zatchels

Tightsplease has been a Rawr fave for years, probably the first place I go to when I want a special pair of tights or socks, and I'll be hooking up with Red or Dead again for sure!

J - Tartan tights? Yes please!


  1. Ooohh I want me some tartan tights! Burgundy preferably, though I don't like the sound of "prune" as a colour. Hmm..
    Loooking hotttt anyway!

  2. you look fab <3 these tights are amazing wow !!!!


  3. loveeee the tights, such a hottie!


  4. These are fab, they're really different to all the usual tartan stuff knocking about at the minute too! xxx

  5. These are SO awesome, I love the glimpse of the pattern that you get at the top of the boots, way more subtle!

    Maria xxx

  6. Love the pop of colour, so gorgeous

    Ruth x


  7. i love tartan!! especially for accessories! perfect for fall! my favourite season! :) x
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay


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