ChloBo Popping On My Wrist!

Thursday 20 September 2012

The ChloBo story is a tad inspirational. Designer Chloe Moss travelled to Bali and was taken with the hand crafted silver and laidback island life ethos. Meeting a woman on a beach who was beading intricate silver bracelets made Chloe realise she had found her calling and she decided to put an idea into motion on her arrival back in the UK. Silversmith suppliers in Bali were sourced, designs were finalised and ChloBo Jewellery was born!

I've stared at the gorgeous designs for ages now, but finally got my paws on a piece of ChloBo Jewellery, courtesy of the goodybag I picked up from last month's fun blogger event at The Editeur in Chester!

It was the second time I've met the gorgeous and talented Chloe Moss at an event run by The Editeur, and she is a true sweetheart, so it was an amazing surprise to find a yummy ChloBo piece in our bags that night!

Judging by a quick and excited scan around the room, it seemed like each blogger got a different design which was a nice touch, mine was perfect for my style - a ChloBo Ice Pop Skull Bracelet - SQUEEEE!

A bit of understated sparkle with a cool edgy twist, I adore it and have barely taken it off since I took it out of the hot pink giftbag!

Cute huh? I'm a lucky girl ;) The only thing is that ChloBo is designed to stack, and now I have one, I feel like I want more! There's so many to choose from in all sorts of bead, silver and charm options, including this Jade Mini Hamsa Hand bracelet I have my eye on. It's JADE!

Never has 'If I was a rich girl' been more apt. Check out the range and Chloe's blog at ChloBo Jewellery!

J - Na na na na na na na na na na naaaaaaa!


  1. It looks like great pieces :) Nice story too!!


  2. Ooooh, I really like these. I'll have to check out more of their things! Xo


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