AW11 Week - Thursday's Child Throws On A Poncho!

Thursday 18 August 2011

Every day this week we will be reminding you of an upcoming AW11 trend!

Today's predicted AW11 trend is "Thursday's Child Throws On A Poncho!" - After spotting some super hawt Ponchos at New York Fashion Week in February, we've been secretly counting down the months until Autumn. How gorgeous is this Poncho by Rag & Bone!?

Unfortunately we aren't rich girls *quite yet*, so this Rag & Bone beauty is currently out of price range. However, we don't really mind because we've got our sights on this yummy Aztec print poncho by Primark (£18):

Check out Kate Moss rockin' it at her hen party a few months back (luckily for us it's now back in stock):

Are you in love!? If it's good enough for Kate then it's good enough for us...Garçon! We'll take 2 please ;)

Are you a Thursday's child like Britain's hottest supermodel? If you still can't decide, check back tomorrow because there are still 3 days left!

T - A 'Primarni' convert! XoX


  1. I am VERY happy to read this. Today I put on my poncho, which had been residing forlornly on top of the wardrobe for the past few years, hoping that this season's 70s trend would result in the Reappearance of the Poncho, and I AM VINDICATED!

  2. It's really nice! Well done Primark, it's in the game for good! I remember when I lived in UK 10 years ago Primark was still... but now!!!

  3. i like ponchos, but i don't know if i can pull them off. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  4. Best poncho ever in the world!

  5. Did I ever mention how much I love KM? No? Well, the thing is La Moss rocks my world! HAWT! x


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